Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2018


Am I right in saying that TSS win or draw in the last match and it’s promotion. Lose and it may be promotion depending on results but also may be playoff…
More or less the same for towers as they have a match in hand…


A draw would bring Fingallians back into the mix if they win their last 2 games and in a 3 game mini league they would finish top and TSS 2nd.


Fins against Boughal is a big decider for the playoff spots if Harps beat Clontarf. Can see Clontarf being in the Senior relegation final though so these may not be played for a while yet!


I think Skerries will make it anyway and Fins should have enough to beat Na Fianna who won’t have anything to play for. Top 4 should be TSS, Towers, Fins and Skerries with Skerries 4th and the rest a toss up.


Raheny beat na Fianna this evening


Whitehall beat pats by 1.


St Annes and Fingal Ravens drew.


Pats still have a game left against ravens I think


Your right on that I jumped the gun. A Ravens win in that will relegate Annes on score difference I think…


Yeah and it confirms that one of them will be automatically relegated and the other will be in the play off and will be playing away from home too.

Last game is vital for a number of teams to get out of the playoffs


Who replaces pats in relegation if they beat ravens


Pats have Raheny on head to head, so is it not Raheny in the last relegation playoff spot?


So what way does it go this year, 3 teams go down? Bottom 2 automatically then 3 and 4 playoff?


Yeah that’s it


Ravens beat pats by 1 so I’d say that will mean pats v ravens in the playoff and Anne’s go down?


Templeogue Synge Street first over the line, unbeaten at home in the Barn. Very poor facilities for a Division 1 team mind you.


I’m not going to remark on TSS’s facilities, but changing rooms, showers, etc should be adequate for all levels, children and adults.


Our facilities are a massive issue that the club is doing everything in its power to correct for future generations. It’s in need of an overhaul that will hopefully start sooner rather than later.

On our lads promotion though, it can’t be underestimated the sheer amount of effort and hard work these boys and the management team put in throughout the year. This was a team lacking in confidence and self-belief after last season under a manager that promoted nothing of value within the squad & club. To turn this around with largely the same squad in under 12 months is amazing. They’ll have a massive job staying in Division 1 next season, but it’s something the whole Club is looking forward to.


Couldnt get to the match at the weekend. Any reports floating about… massive result for our lads. Tough year ahead but div 1 is where everyone wants to test themselves. Great inspiration to push the guys in the second team to step up and juvenile teams also…


Sad to see St Annes go down. They’ve been up in the top divisions for a long time I’d say…hopefully they’ll be back up soon