Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2018


Whitehall 6-11 NF 2-11 … I’m hoping Cormac scored heavily here … anyone at it?


@DUB09 What’s happening down in NAF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See Div 1 Liam! :wink:


You’re getting slow. Took 6 mins to respond. Drove by on way home, looked like some crowd place was jammed…


Maybe the crowd were waiting for the first Metro to arrive…?


Yep and Cormac didn’t play.


Cheers @simplegame - ye must a few other good forwards so.


Ballyboughal 3-14, St Marys 3-8



How do Boughal go from losing by 30ish points to TSS to this?


Great win for Annes out in Skerries


Anne’s sideline one of the worst I’ve seen in a while, roaring at the ref constantly and shouting at their players to “do him in” every time Stephen Smith got the ball


True, but I’m afraid it was good defending we needed last night! (I’m from Naf😜 but don’t let the other ressers know!!)


I was on the Annes side line and have to say I didn’t hear ‘do him in’, ‘stop him there’ a good bit alright but thats normal. Ref made a right balls of it though. Gave them a black for a blatant foul on Smith, even though he was pulled down, is that a black? I didn’t think it was. Then he was pulled down going through and gave them a yellow! Maybe making up for his earlier decision!
Annes deserved the win overall I felt. In the second half we had 4 or 5 wides in a row and Annes scored 3 out of 3 during that period. Thats the difference
Lot of lads away and a few injuries, but Im sure most clubs are the same at this stage of the season. Would have been some finish if Bryan had of buried that instead of hitting the crossbar with the last kick of the game!


I was on the side line and to be honest there was alot coming form Skerrie’s to,
also i agree with Harper i did here a lot of stop him there, hold him up, its a gaa match this is going to happen, the lads on the pitch put on a great display and Skerrie’s where beaten by a better team on the day, but what really stood out for me!!! what was said to the St Anne’s Manager when the final whistle was blowing, “it won’t matter all uses will have to worry about is the relegation zone” Did not do a whole lot for your club, Respect is all it is and the players and Mangers are only Human, they try to do there best every time they step onto the field,

Its a game of football and both teams move onto there next challenge


These local rivalries always bring out the worst in teams…:yum::yum:


Ah look, every club has their eejits. Don’t let it upset you too much!


Thats a very bold thing to say.


Absolutely. The snowflakes have even infiltrated the AFL! We could all write a book on what’s been said to us over the years at matches! Stuff said on sidelines, after matches etc is irrelevant unless it leads to a few shlaps or worse obviously


good & fair review Harper. wouldn’t worry about sour words it’s the result that matters & that’s was a big result for a young team


Na fianna 3-11 Skerries 1-11