Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2018


Delighted for Harps. Always struggled away to Towers so great to get the result. As was said earlier, very unlucky to go down last year with 5 draws, but will be harder to stay up now with 3 coming back down. very good minor side coming through so hopefully some of them can transition and if they have Smyth for the year will be a big impact too. Well done lads!


A lot of Dublin fans will be hoping you won’t!


Smith not Smyth :grinning:


If it was a Y he would likely kick with the left …


Ha ha ha ya bollo! You would think I would have remembered that having him on the books for a few months. I asked for that


Skerries are a very organised team with nice footballers very good on the break. Just shows you the major gulf between Division 1 and 2


Pats beat ravens this morning 15 to 1-10 in relegation playoff. Pats 1-8 to 4 down at half time turned it around to win by 2.


Great result for Pats. Would have had Ravens as Favs to win that.


Thought this was the NFL (American football) thread for a second.


Rushe as Tom Brady


Rushe was one of the main differences between the teams. With a broken arm he was outstanding in midfield.


He played with a broken arm?!


Yeah, but it was tied behind his back!


I expect that will be in the batch of proposed rule changes next time around … just for the Dublin lads. We’d probably still win …


Broke his arm a few weeks ago in a hurling match and took the cast off to play last weekend. It’s almost time for the cast to come off anyway but still was his first football game in a long time and looked like he has been playing all year.