Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2018


How did BH play?


Played well … played Full Forward scored a goal in the first min


So Pats v Ravens in relegation playoff this sunday morning in Palmerstown.


Big night for Towers reckon they will win by 1 or 2


Towers must have the record for getting to playoffs and not getting promoted. How many times have they been in the playoffs and not made it through in the last 10 years. Home advantage might sway it for them. They were way better than Skerries in the league match but skerries didn’t have Cullan or Smith Jnr that night so Skerries will be stronger tonight. Should be a good game.


They have been in 6 or 7 playoffs over the last ten years or so. Towers have a good record against Skerries at home I just have a sneaky feeling that Towers will grind out a result tonight.


The weather will help them. They can be hard to break down and can sneak a couple of goals.


The weather won’t suit either team Towers have very fast inside forwards


they drop out deep and run at teams moreso and leave Joyce in there for long balls in or they certainly did when we played them.


Yeah the few times I have seen them that’s the way they played be interesting to see what way it goes who ever wins will be coming straight back down


all about trying to maintain momentum. If you can start the season on a flyer due to carry over from this year then you have a chance while other teams are finding fitness etc but if you lose your first few then its a long year of catch up and be hard on the squad


Skerries won by 3 according to twitrer



Wouldn’t agree , skerries very unlucky to go down last year and I’d give them a better chance then both the other two promoted teams


Cullen still controlling the show from half back. Class. Smith had some outsdanding points.


Towers let Cullen control the game never pushed up on him at all and he also kicked 2 amazing 2 points in the first half


Some players have a gift at finding space. It doesn’t happen by accident.


He dropped deep and played third midfielder, Towers played a sweeper to try and stop ball going into Smith so Cullen was effectively a free man, in the first half anyway, think he switched to midfield in the second half and had a bit less of an influence


Was after the frist 15 min Towers pushed right up on him and came into the game a little more Skerries had runners coming from every where they were good on the break and gave away very little ball


Was a good game last night. Skerries flew out of the blocks and I think led 9-2 after 20 minutes. Cullan was brilliant in the 1st 20 as was Dawson and 2 of the smiths. Smith kicked 2 or 3 outstanding frees in this time. Cullan kicked 2 beauties aswell. Towers just gave the ball away time and time again when they attecked. Towers finallly got to grips with it and outscored skerries 5-0 in the last 10 minutes of the 1st half.

2nd half was more even with Dawson getting the decisive goal midway through 2nd half cutting in and finishing really well. Towers never really looked like getting the goal they needed.

Referee was really poor and made some crazy decisions for both teams but didn’t impact the result.

On a side note on the ref I was standing near one of the benches and the amount of rubbish been shouted in from the line is unreal. A high tackle from skerries lad and they go mental for a black card. A high tackle is not a black card. Another skerries lad drags a towers lad back towers lad stays on his feet and again they all think oh that’s definitely a black. Again this is not a black card offence. Then a towers lad deliberately foot trips a fella and he gets black and they go mental because he got a black card. Makes the referees job so much harder when most people on the line don’t have a clue what the rules are.