Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2018


Sorry for asking again keep forgetting but how does too of table work with 3 being promoted


Top 2 up automatically and 3rd v 4th playoff for the final promotion place


Thanks for that


Anyone know how much Oisín Lynch scored for fins at the weekend ?


OHM does and will give the assist makers also for your fantasy football league


Play off final Wednesday 7th @ 8pm in Monastery Road. Round Towers C v Skerries Harps.


Skerries to win this imo


Skerries win for sure


Towers beat them during the summer. Skerries probably had lads on J1s at the time.

How do people think Fins will get on in div 1 next year


With Stephen Smith on form, Skerries should have too much for them but it’s not a banker by any means


Definitely not a banker, Towers have won 4 of the last 5 league games. The only exception was the 2015 playoff win for Skerries


Towers is never an easy place to go and win, should be a dinger of a game. Skerries very unlucky to go down last year having 5 draws in division 1,


There a decent side but there attack runs through Oisín Lynch and many division 1 teams will be able to snuff them out


They played the majority of the league without him as he missed summer on J1 and start of season due to injury but still a vital player


Didn’t know that which is quite good going , Lynch looked amazing against saggarg in the semi final , do they have another stand out forward ?


Lynch would be the marquee forward but the others around him are still very good, there would be a nice spread of scores but nothing compared to the tallys lynch runs up


Ye skerries will be to strong, towers don’t have anyone capable of marking Smyth, fingallians will come straight back down. Div 1 is just to strong at the moment, can’t see them being able to compete and could see them going a similar way to clontarf last year, theyl also be without Flynn for a lot.


They’re always without Flynn barring a couple of league games


I know that, they can get away with it in div2 as the gap is huge compared to div1


St Marys 2-6, Raheny 4-11