Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2018


Ridiculous what If a club are hit with holidays , injuries and players just not wanting to play ? You want to hit them with a fine of nearly up to a grand :joy:don’t know what club your from but I doubt many clubs have almost a grand to be splashing out if their first team can’t field


Surely most clubs with more than one team can cobble up 15 or 16 players regardless of circumstances


Could be a better idea to base the fine on league rather than what team in the club it is, (ie someone like Rosmini or Ballyfermot would be very hard done by if they were to be fined €750 while a team in their league would get fined a third of that)


Yeah but if fins lost to Ballyboughal towers would have just needed to beat Mary’s so swings in roundabouts. I know Towers would have much preferred if the two games were played and I wonder would Mary’s have conceded had Ballyboughal not. Farce full stop


Marys have nothing to play for and a bigger game next week , maybe ballyboughal didn’t play because Seaver played for the dubs tonight


He played a few minutes in a game with zero intensity


All that does is punish smaller clubs more than big ones. as Hancock said the likes of Ballyfermot or Wild Geese would be hit with a 750 fine while a third or fourth team from a ‘superclub’ would be fined 250 for conceding in the same league, which doesn’t make sense.
As for Ballyboughal conceding, I’m very surprised by that given how hard they have worked to achieve senior league status, unless as someone has suggested they had a players wedding on and for some reason couldn’t agree a refix with either their opponents or the County board.


Maybe start with 250 with the lowest level team and go up in increments. Ballyfermots lowest team would also be their first and so would only be fined 250


Think problem is mainly at end of season, teams with nothing to play for give walkovers affecting others in the league. If there was a way that they lose 2 points automatically for the next season they may think twice as could be the difference of being relegated or getting promoted.


Fines are ineffective. The Club Treasurer pays them not the team or the team management. If they had to pay there would be very few walkovers.


With the club’s first ever Senior Championship final next weekend, Marys asked Towers to postpone the league match until after the final and they refused. Marys asked CCC to postpone the match and CCC refused. Because of the importance of the final, Marys wanted to give all our panel the chance to be as ready as possible and not get any injuries to players on the eve of a Championship final. Marys didn’t want to concede the match, but as above, neither Towers or CCC would accommodate us.


Boughal were unable to field as there was a wedding and a stag this wknd? Maybe boughal tried to refix and fins wouldn’t?


I still think that a competitive game for subs/fringe players would have out weighed the risk of injury. Management these days get far too caught up with lads getting injured in matches when throughout my career I have seen far more injuries happen during training than during matches


There should be an automatic relegation for any team in division 1-4 conceding a match. It makes an absolute mockery of the league. If there is a wedding or a stag then I’m sure you can play some 2nd team players to fulfill the fixture. For 2 division 2 teams to concede is an absolute joke. Both clubs should be sanctioned. If the detterent was big enough you can guarantee these matches would be played


If a clubs plays 2nd / 3rd string players just to fulfil a fixture is that not the same as conceding in reality


how come the county bored couldn’t have played these games earlier in the year ? This bullshit of waiting till after championship is nonesense and I don’t want to hear it’s because the dubs got all the way to the final , only one player was involved with the dubs out of these 4 teams and he doesn’t even get a run anymore. Play these games during the year and not wait till almost November


The league was run off pretty much to plan this year. I’m not sure were these games affected by the Pope visit in August which had a full round of fixtures pulled


Pretty sure the marys and towers game was fixed that weekend along with a number of other games which were called off , in hindsight theirs no point in teams even fielding a second or third team to try and fulfill the fixture because it’ll just be a whitewash and beneficial to no one !


Hard to argue with that really


You just don’t hear this carry on in soccer for eg. THere s the fixture list at the start of the year and the only backlog might be due to Cup runs or replays. I can accept the gaa has inter county and dual players considerations but conceding fixtures for weddings or stags , it s hard to take some of the complaints about fixtures when that carry on occurs.