Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2018


It time to start deducting points from teams that give walkovers


Agreed. Even O’Tooles with the year they’ve had fulfilled all of their fixtures.


only 3rd and 4th play off.


No point docking points. Fines are they way to go, pure lazy not getting a team togeather to fulfill a fixture


I agree, a points deduction doesn’t affect them whatsoever but if there are fines for walkovers it might change


There are fines for Walkovers.

€200 per game conceded.


Obviously not a strong enough deterrent, make it €500 and 4 points deduction as well.


Seems excessive when most teams will try to field and simply cant due to player shortage.Will you just end up teams moving from accepting the need to give a walkover to fielding ineligible players to avoid WO or clubs deciding not to enter a lower league team for financial risk of having risk of 2 walkovers?


Some water boarding perhaps …


Big difference between afl2 and afl12, lads at the lower end just want a match and it’s not overly serious, but giving walkovers at the business end of the league seriously warps results. I’d wonder was it couldn’t field a team or couldnt be arsed.


I know plenty from the club and I doubt very much it was a case of not being arsed…I do know there’s a wedding of one of the players over the weekend so possibly as a small club couldn’t get enough together from both teams??


Mary’s have given towers a walkover


My jaysus, thats another farce, Fins would have to be seriously pissed off with that too


If Fins beat Na Fianna, they are promoted


Yes I know, but now they have to win, whereas they didnt have to if Marys got a result against Towers


Sure Fins are getting the same from the Ballyboughal game so it’s swings & roundabouts really.
Irrespective of promotion permutations, walkovers simply should not happen at this level, end of story.


Pity Fins v Na Fianna couldn’t be fixed for this weekend, then promotion playoff could have been played on the bank holiday weekend.


Pretty sure it’s just pushed back no?


Says on hill16 it’s conceded by Mary’s


Possible solution, grade the punishments for walk overs …

€750+ for clubs 1st team conceding
€500 for their 2nd team conceding
€250 for 3rd or 4th team conceding