Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Scoils situation with champo reminds me of pats of donabate a few years ago!! Divison 1 football but inter champo! Ain’t a bad thing though as I’d personally see playing divison 1 football as more of a target then playing senior championship and realistically not having any chance of winning it(not slating scoil this applies to most teams) why not play divison 1/2 football and compete in a champo your more likely to win


And you’ve underachieved in my view . is that clear enough for you ?


Anne’s beat Whitehall by 12 pts. 3-12 to 1-6.


No ref for Na Fianna v Synge street


Terrible senior Div 2


Scoil underachieved again


Have been at a few Div 2 league matches this year and have to say standard is not at the level it was 4/5 years ago in this Division, have any of you noticed this. Thats just my view…


They actually did.


I’d say it’s lack of consistency to be honest some D2 teams can be quite deadly on there day but other days it can go the other way?would you agree or does anyone think different ?


Surely they didn’t lose another first round IFC today?


4 big games in a row ahead of them now against 4 teams in the top 6. They could have the league wrapped up before the final 2 games possibly


St Marys 3-13, Whitehall Colmcille 1-12


RTC 0.16 Scoil 1.10


Na Fianna beat Mearnog by 8/9


Annes 2-15 Raheny 1-13


Very good win for Anne’s that


Pats§ beat Isles by 3
O Tooles beat Pats(d)

Is it bottom two go down or a playoff?


bottom team down and next two playoff


Born in 97’ so he’ll be 20 this year if he’s not 20 already


I heard Mary’s had Eoin Murrey and ciaran dunne back from London for the Whitehall game there two serious additions at this stage of the season.Think eoin Murrey won a u21 all Ireland with Dublin a few years back