Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


We did, back in the day… a verrrrrry distant memory now at this stage. We even won a JBHC a few years later. Can’t even field an adult hurling team now. Ravaged by transfers in hurling in the late 80’s and into the 90’s.


You’re missing the point. No ones asking you to compete with the larger clubs. But as a team at top of division 2 as you say, your recent record in the IFC is pretty abysmal.
If I remember correctly you went to town on Monica’s a while back for not winning the JFC despite playing in a higher league than anyone else in the competition.


Comfortable with top of Div 2. Yet Jude’s a club with multiple resources and yet to win an SFC slates tiny intermediate club for overachieving
Some irony there !!


What age is Howard? Hopefully he’s the real deal. Raheny are great at producing midfielders. Long may it continue

Scoil are really motoring now. They should win on Saturday and then they have two massive games starting with Towers and Ballinteer then.

A massive local Southiside derby on Saturday with Ballinteer and Olafs will see who their main competitor for the league is looking like.



what multiple resources do Judes have ??? The club has consistently over achieved in both codes at senior level in recent years…

pitches in Tymon park none of which are level…are those the resources you refer to…

we have very dedicated club people yes, like almost every other Dublin club, and huge work done at underage to maximise numbers agaisnt neighbours every bit as close as Scoil ui Chonaill have neighbours


Jude’s in my opinion have underachieved .


because they haven’t pushed on to make another final after 2009 is it or because they consistently make the last 8. They messed up big time last year vs castleknock i will grant you that , but most would consider they over achieveing relative to their playing numbers

genuinely curious as to how you set the bar re achievement


Towers bet Olafs by 2 last night, could have been more. Olafs got a soft penalty. Having said that could of went either way half way through the second half.


TLR, you’re slipping! Your WUM-ing used to be somewhat subtle.

Have Judes over achieved based on catchment etc…or have they underachieved as they have had the players to win one and haven’t gotten over the line?..both arguments have merit. I would say producing that caliber of a team in the first place is maximising those resources, personally, and hence overachieving

Clubs will always over/underachieve, based on playing numbers, catchment, underage success…this is the nature of our sport (and sport in general). As long as the definition of success/achievement is subjective, it will be open for debate…
and sh*t stirring…and will ALWAYS be a bone of contention for those clubs…

Similar to the home grown, versus imported players debate, of which Scoil would be front and centre…does success of your club feel the same if most of your team is not from within a stones throw of your ground?


So who is over/underachieving in AFL 2 so. The thread is about AFL 2 so no point in mentioning Judes in it


Can you repeat that back to me in one sentence please ?
Only thing I got from that was opinions are subjective . Wow …and it took that monologue to come up with that


I have set up a thread for over and under achieving clubs


Ha good man. Great to see you’re not sensitive anyway. Well able to slate every club in sight when the mood takes you but react like a child when someone points out your own clubs lack of achievements. And then talks about irony?
Thanks for being you.


Great I’ve a good candidate for number one. It’s this big small (big) or maybe small south side club that has never had any county players or outside managers


jaysus youre well able to slate everyone else but when someone asks a genuine question you have a little meltdown :cry:


I’m not getting into a debate about catchment areas between a small intermediate club and one of Dublins elite club
It’s nonsensical . So if you don’t mind illl pass


You’re the one that brought a so called elite club into the conversation - no one else. You got pissy when it was pointed out that scoil have underachieved in the IFC that’s all. Don’t be trying to blame others when you’re the one who moved the direction of the conversation.


Catchment area was never mentioned but if you want to get into it, 2500 houses and 2nd gaa club is the catchment area of Judes. The debate was sctually on under or over achievement but work away and move the goalposts


Howard is 19/20. Played minor in 2015.


Brian was also on minor panel in 2014