Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Raheny beat Mearnog by 2

Howard was head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch.


St Annes 1-11 St Pats § 1-12


Fenton or Shane Carty play?


Not Fenton, Carthy did, to second The Parish, Howard, what a player. Had the pleasure of playing Fresher A college football with him this year. This guy is going to be a great for Dublin.


Where does Howard play for Raheny?


Wore number 6 this evening but did most of his work at Midfield.


Makes the Schutte move all the more mystifying.


Scoil had a huge man on the edge of the square which banged in a goal straight away!by the sound of it he was a country man would scoil have many country lads up playing for them ?


None all from the Liberties


Played against them about 4 years ago. and I’d say most of their forward line if not all were country folk. Struggled to hear a dub.


Can tell a dub from a country fella from a dub anyway!! Had a good young corner forward and midfielder who looked homegrown but not that many


Funny oul Dublin accents!not taking away from there performance thought there a well oil side and it’ll be either them or olafs for the tittle I think


I’ve been following Scoil quite closely for the last number of years as I know a few of their players.

While they do have some country players, the vast majority of the players are homegrown. 12 of the 15 that started against Mary’s came from the underage structure. There are 3 other country guys on the panel but none of them seemed to be togged last night.

They typically start 4 country guys. While these country guys are very [quote=“John1711, post:112, topic:1669, full:true”]
Funny oul Dublin accents!not taking away from there performance thought there a well oil side and it’ll be either them or olafs for the tittle I think

good players, none are close to inter county standard and they have joined the club due to being related to some of the Scoil players or the convenience of location.


As I said I heard a few country accents and was just wondering! Defeintly a few young lads there which is always great to see for a team top of the table ! Could have been a tighter game if the big 14 hadn’t of banged in a goal straight away !I can’t imagine scoil will mess up there promotion chances like last year I’d say playoffs at the very least


Scoil’s championship form puzzles me but they are a very good league side and well oiled as previously pointed out. They’d a strong league campaign last year and Division one is a real prospect for them now . Its shows that underage success isn’t a prerequisite for a strong adult team . A strong bunch of lads in their mid to late twenties is ideal.
It may not lost forever but I’m sure they’re enjoying their football of late!


What a performance from Howard this kid is the real deal a pleasure to watch him over the last few years … a certain midfielder on the sideline for Raheny last night might be worried about his place on the Dublin team after watching that last night :joy::joy::joy:


Amazing they haven’t won a IFC to date and haven’t even competed really at the latter stages for a good few years now. Very similar to Monica’s who never landed the JFC and now seem to have missed their chance.


Scoil flying in both codes at the minute Bart. The Isles of the Sea amalgamation seems to have worked well for the hurling. Did the do that in football as well?


Yes they beat our minor team early this year by a goal but have really took the divison by a hold winning all there games.Surely it’ll benifit clan na Gael who I presume are the other side in this amalgamation ?


Yeah but Scoil are top of division 2. Which for a tiny club sandwiched in between some heavy weights is pretty good going
Resources that the likes of Jude’s have are out of reach