Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


The right thing to do would have been to excuse themselves from the playoffs altogether and let the next best 4 teams duke it out.


Believe they made the correct decision from a club development point of view. Having 2 teams at division one, in my opinion, has more negatives than positive results.


Is this possible / within rules?


Don’t think so but it probably would have suited all if it was.


The other teams weren’t good enough to make the playoffs so they clearly shouldn’t be competing to go to d1


But Scoil did make playoffs and were beaten in the semi final…
While I do agree that Olaf’s more than likely would have beaten whoever they got in the final, it’s still not right for Na Fianna to send out a ‘Minor E Team’ as was said above.


But Scoil lost, they didn’t deserve the final, Na Fianna would have had lads playing for places in the Scoil match for the Inter final
The best two teams got promoted, no injustices to any other team


Agreed. The two best teams 100% got promoted.


It would not have been good for the club if we had 2 teams in div 1.As regards the playoffs the main target for the team all year was the inter championship .The playoff game v Scoil was used to give a lot of the lads a run who didn’t start champio ship semi final.We only got into the playoffs after an awful start losing 5 of first 6 games.
I still think Olafs would have won the play off, they gave our seniors a hard time in the senior championship


What championship will that team be in next year D9er?


No idea, under the old rules none of the 21 players who played n the final would be eligible to play inter championship next year bit with the new competitions ie intermediate competition for second teams only I would have thought they could play in that