Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Have to feel for Olafs. Being pipped to the league then having these 3 week gaps between their last two competitive fixtures.


Why ?


Good to hear Isles got relegated?


Good to hear Costello playing well. Isle a good club I hope they come back to senior soon.


Whitehall hanging on by a thread the last two years. There not up to much without Costello realisticly


See yous next year lads :+1:


Olafs beat na fianna 2-20 to 0-4


Na Fianna Minor E team turned up showing disrespect to St; Olaf’s, Scoil and all the other Div 2 Teams who had aspirations of playing Division 1 football next year.

Congratulations to St Olaf’s, they could only play against the opposition as presented.

Shame on you Na Fianna


Are you Dick Clerkin?


Not too surprising to be honest…they won inter championship last Friday and that was their season done…


Does that mean they’ll play in senior b next year in champo ?


Are you for real, 4/5 of there starting players won a 21’s championship this evening, a few other of there players were away this weekend.
The game against Scoil was before the championship final so still everything to play for.
Who are you to question the players commitment, they have been training since January putting everything on hold. If you have a problem get onto the county board for playing out the season for so long and having the game on the same day as the 21’s game.
Fair play to Olafs, a good team.


From talking to Na Fianna people at the u21 championship today, only 2 of the hurlers played chamo last weekend but it must be tough on Scoil to see that result today especially if NaFianna did not line out with their full team but I think you are right the season has been way too long and its hard after winning inter championship to come back a week later for a league final.


Think about how having two teams in senior 1 would impact the club, young player coming out of minor will either play in div 1 or div 5, in div 2 players have game time and the experience. Plus two teams playing for safety in div 1 will cause a split in the club, not just who is better but what players play with which team, as both manager will wants the best team. Next the na Fianna game against Scoil was before their champo game so they played a good team to test their team before their champo final. If Scoil couldn’t beat them they shouldn’t be in div 1. Nod head


No. Senior A, B and Intermediate are for 1st teams in clubs only. They will be in all County Intermediate


It looks very like Na Fianna threw this game. If they had U21 hurlers away who didn’t they seek to have the football game deferred? We can all understand the problem they woul have in having two teams in Division 1 so let’s call a spade a spade.


Yes its a long season but lets be honest that doesn’t appear right to put out a very weakened team like that. It shows disrespect to the other teams that would have loved to be there. It was 1 more game so not a big deal. Surely if a player is serious about their game they want to be at the top table to test themselves


Just from watching that na Fianna team a few times there a young fit and strong running team who have probably committed to this year more then most of the teams in d2 , unfair to slate them for putting out a weeker team ,I still think olafs would have won , they proabaly Aimed to stay up in d2 and win champo so getting to playoff final was a bonus , think it’ll be more benificial for the club in the long run with the second team in divison 2 as it allows there younger players to get used to senior football a bit easier :+1:t3:


From the outside looking in it appears that they essentially threw the game for this reason. It’s very unfair on Scoil and the other sides that would love to be playing AFL1. I’d be interested to know how many of the lads that lined up against Scoil played against Olafs.


Fair point but na Fianna beat scoil with their full team so they clearly don’t deserve to play afl1 atm and I still think olafs would beat na Fianna with a full team