Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


You’d imagine there should be a few of them playing 1st team. Luck how far apart Vinnies and muns 2nd team is away from there 1st compared to na fianna.


You’d argue you always want a second team to be strong. But not super strong. Vincents and Boden second team for example are desperately weak so it’s a happy medium for a senior club.


Yeah I agree. Heard Vincents 2nd team got relegated to 4 today, seems awful odd considering there 1st team is arguably the best in the county. And na fianna’s 1st team struggled this year.


Hard to have strong 2nd team with a lot of good footballers only playing hurling. (Though I’m sure it’s replicated in other clubs)
Impressive for Na Fianna if they get 2 teams into AFL1 but irrelevant unless they can win SFC soon.


I agree 100%…I think that if they can win the playoff final and have 2 teams of the quality required for div 1 then surely with the right leadership it will happen…imo over 50 players of that standard should be winning a senior championship


Club football comes down to having 2/3 class players IMO not a solid 15. Having a player good enough to play for the Dubs in the forwards helps massively, look at the dublin’s best 6 forwards and all of them play for one of the best teams in SFC, not a coincidence IMO. When was the last time Na fianna had a player good enough to start in championship for the county team?




Yep thats what I mean you would be doing very well to compete at the top end without someone of that quality in your forwards


Conor McHugh would be the obvious main hope with the likes of Aaron Byrne and Glenn O’Reilly other guys you would hope would become serious senior players. Then there are some of the minors - Doran especially. Only time will tell.


Muns second team made the Inter final last year, and didn’t Vins win it the year before that. I wouldn’t look too much into their league positions.


Na Fianna have never actually won the Inter.


True. But this year na fianna’s 2nd team are miles ahead of muns and vinnies even just going by the championship.


They will this year


Yes I would be amazed if they don’t. Right from the hammering of Vins they look the real deal.

There won’t be a grave dug for a week!


Jes Olafs bet Raheny 2-08 to 0-10. Fair play to them. I fancy them to go up now


Howard didn’t play, saw him on the side lines. Raheny looked flat out on their feet and then emptied their bench with 10minutes to go & 3/4 points in it. Don’t want to take away from what was a much improved Olaf’s team, looked much better then their last 2 games v Raheny this year, deserved winners.


I hope Olafs can finish the job now


12 Nov


Finglas Erins Isle-Whitehall Colmcille Seamus Farrelly

This game finally goes ahead this week. Isles haven’t had a game in two months and Whitehall in around a month. I could be wrong but I don’t think Isles have been below AFL 2 since the 70s so massive game for the club. Although they do have experience in playing the relegation playoff so it may help


Whitehall beat Isles by 4 in the relegation game. Costello the difference between the teams


Good to hear that