Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Fair dues stato


So if Na fianna were to win the playoffs would this mean only 1 relegation from div 1


I think so. I heard the same reason could scupper the Lucan Division 6 side going up to AFL5 if their Inter team gets relegated from Div 4.


There AFL 4 team was relegated to AFL 5


No you can have 2 teams in league division but not in same championship is my understanding


There is no issue with two teams in the same league from the same club


Including div 1? I ask as another poster has said teams can be in the same league from the same club bar div 1


CCC Regs for 2017 don’t say anything about Div 1 being different

38. Where a club has teams competing in more than one division or has more than one team in the same division a panel of twenty players for each team except the lowest grade must be submitted to the CCC before the team plays their second game in the league. That list shall contain the names of at least ten players who participated in their Club’s first game of the league which the list applies to. (Exception: The requirement to name ten players from the first league game does not apply to Minor teams). Where a team fails to submit a panel CCC shall consider the first twenty players to be used in a league to be that team’s panel. These panels shall be made available to a club on written request from a club Secretary. A player may only play for one team in the same League Division

As was said earlier, where a club has 2 teams in the same league that they are usually fixed to play each other in the first round of the league to avoid any controversy later in the year


It would be fascinating to see 2 teams from the same club in division 1 although I would imagine that 1 team might get loaded with the better players as no senior manager would like the b team to be doing better than the a team.


I had said that 2 teams can be in the same division from the same club and there is nothing in the regulations that says anything different about division 1 so if we do happen to win the div 2 playoffs it can go ahead., being realistic don’t think it will happen .Think 2nd team would really struggle in div 1 although we do have 5 county minors coming into adult football next yrar


Worry about it when you get to it . Nice problem to have The issue is your first team should be doing a hell of a lot better then they are


Wouldn’t disagree with that view,new management team at start of this year were late to get going, hopeful of a lot better year next year,won’t have as many lads involved at u20/21 as this year which messed up the early part of the season


Did anyone get the result of the ravens pats game?


Don’t think it was played,


Makes sense if it wasn’t. A game that doesn’t really matter to any team at this stage.


It just beggars belief at this point. Again this year you probably had the two best Dublin minors . I thought though your senior team this year was the best side I’d seen from Na Fianna. If you’d someone to mark Connolly you might have nicked it.


Na Fianna beat Scoil 0-16 to 1-10 in promotion playoff semi final


Scoil’s tweets very informative throughout … and good fun. Fair play.


Some team for a second team, Better team on the day won


Great mix of youth and experience.