Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Yes they were very poor this year.


They did and then ended up playing against one another in the first round of the championship. Crazy stuff.


they were forced to play each other in the first round by the DCB if I recall


both were in Division 2 for one season IIRC. Pretty sure the 1st team went straight back up.


Brigid had 2 teams in div 1 a few years ago,cannot have 2 teams in the same championship. If club have 2 teams in same league they play each other in first round of league to define panels.
Don’t think we will win playoffs, concentrating on intermediate championship


You’ve got that wrong re Brigids. They never had two sides in Div 1 but did play one another in the championship.


No you are wrong, no club can have 2 teams in the same championship and Brigid had 2 teams in same league, div 2 for 1 season


Brigids had 2 teams in the Senior Football Championship for 1 year ., played each other in the 1st round , Brigids 2nd team had won the Intermediate Championship the year previous , it was after this that you couldn’t have 2 teams in the same Championship.

I’m sure there is a match report on the St Brigids site .


You originally said that they had two sides in Div 1. They didn’t. They did play one another in the championship though. You need to check your facts.


You’re wrong mate. 100%.


They should have match report. Think score was 5-8 to 0-5


100% was in the championship back when it was group stages involved I think


Brigids 1 and 2 were in Div 2 in 2012 iirc. 1st team won the division that year. You can’t have 2 teams from same club in Div 1 but can have in any other division.


So what’s the point of na fianna being in the playoffs then?


Completely wrong mate.


I think it’s been confirmed that they had 2 teams in div 2, I remember playing the 2 of them ! Supple had only come back from England, again IIRC.


I remember them having to play each other in the first round of league to define their panel alright. Think that happened with Vincents in Div 6 too. I think they did also play each other in Champo and that was the year they changed the rule so a club can only have one team in the same championship


Na Fianna were only one point away from the relegation playoff position in AFL1. Would have been some craic if they got relegated and their seconds got promoted!

If Jonny Cooper hasn’t played 3 games in AFL1 this year (no idea whether he has or not), could he techncially play for the AFL2 team in the playoffs?


depends on if he was named in the panel of 20 for the first team at the start of the year


Dublin SFC 2006
First Round 22 April Naul St Brigids A 5-8 St Brigids B 1-6