Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


It won’t bother them in the slightest to see pats go down


Could be their turn next year .


Don’t know they have a good few young players coming through. On there day they can beat anyone in that league


So what way is it going lads I thought there was a play off between the lot?


Yep, the reason the rule is brought in is correct. They just wrote it completely arseways! To say scoring difference in the mini league is more important than actual points gained in the mini league is the height of nonsense.


It’s the GAA…


Strange one, and very unlucky to any team who ever lose out due to this!
Don’t know why they go through the extra hoops of having head to head for 2 teams and any more than that a mini league - why not just save extra confusion and lines in the rule book by saying mini league for all ties (if it’s only a 2 team tie then the mini league will give the same result as head to head anyway!!)

But 100%, should be a mini league in the traditional form (most points wins) and not a scoring difference one.


Relegation playoff fixed for Finglas on the 29th. I thought the relegation playoffs were in neutral venues?


No it’s whoever finishes highest in league gets home advantage.


Who do you lads think will win the playoffs to go up? I think raheny will even though they’ll have to play two away games. I just think they’ll be stronger then everyone else and they’ll have Fenton and Howard back too.


They beat olafs by 9 points the other day with them lads back so I’d fancy them,would be cruel on olafs


Yes Olafs came very close to winning the league. But I don’t think there ready for division 1 football just yet. Another year in 2 mightn’t do any harm.


I fancy Raheny also to go up they seem to be the form team and I’d say Olafs will struggle to recover from throwing the league title away. Be very cruel on them though. They have a lot of outsiders playing for them but if they keep them I can see them going up next season.


Raheny are a divison one side when they have Howard and Fenton back,be quite unfair on olafs especially after how hard they’ve worked


Just curious does anyone know if na fianna went up would it be the first time a club has had two teams in D1?


I think Brigid’s had 2 teams in the top division? About 12 years ago? Or was it that they had two teams in Div 2?


Crokes had two teams in AFL2 about 6 years ago. No adjustments are made just treated the same way!


I don’t know they could have. I think crokes had two teams in div 2 a few years ago too. I think it will be the first time a club has had two teams in div 1 if they go up. I wouldn’t put it pass them either they are a very good team.


I remem Brigids have 2 teams in senior championship. Don’t think both teams were in Division 1


Defo a first . Begs the question why the first team isn’t doing better