Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Who’s relegated? And who’s playing in the relegation playoff?


Pats, Whitehall, Isles, O’Tooles all on 7 pts


As far as I remember it’s pats relegated and then Whitehall play isles


That’s right.
Bizarre way the rule was written when judging the mini league between the 4 teams. Whiltehall has 1 win and 2 losses, Donabate has 1 win, 1 draw, 1 loss. But that’s completely ignored and all that matters is scoring difference in those games rather than the actual result! So Donabate down.


This is a fucking disgrace of a rule
The mini league of 4 should look as follows…
OT’s - 4pts (P Diff +2)
Isles - 3pts (0)
Pats D - 3pts (-2)
W’hall - 2pts (0)

i mean isn’t number of points how league are decided…???
It seems like common sense to me.
Who comes up with this shit


Was this rule not brought in to stop the need to play extra games to get in / out of play offs when teams where level, thus not prolonging the season ?

Damned if you do, Damned If you don’t.


Pats might be better off in 3 to rebuild . They are well off the pace here


Have to admit the other 3 teams are too. Still it’s hard to believe pats where in division 1 not so long ago all the same.


It’s been a slow death from them since really. Whitehall have some youth coming through - you’d expect them to improve but Isles and ravens will be the same next year again


Whitehall have been lucky the last two years really but they do have a fair bit coming through and are young so will be the most likely to improve from four,how are O’toole’s at the moment they don’t seem to be up to much really?


Who are in the play offs to go up, did Raheny make the play off, they won last night…


If it’s based on score difference mearnogs make it but If it’s on head to head its raheny,I’m not sure which rule applies because there’s been so many debates about this rule that I haven’t a clue which one applies


Pretty sure it’s head to head


Head to head if it’s 2 teams level on points.

Score difference between those teams, if it’s 3 or more teams.


Raheny won head to head


My understanding of the rule was the score difference between the 4 teams against each other… therefore it was Whitehall that should have gone straight down… Pats v O Tooles in the playoff


As per the table in my post above, Pats D have a point diff of -2 in the games between the 4.
Hence have been relegated. (EI,Wh 0, OT +2)

It should be points in the games between the 4 and then points diff IMO.


The rules state score difference between the teams on there head to head


That’s if all the scores are correct on hill16.


Ravens done pats no favours putting out there u21 team