Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Their biggest problem is their line. NAF should win a senior championship sooner rather than later but they need to get a grip on the dozen lads running up and down the line shouting at all and sundry.


Added time!!!


Agreed.serious athleticism but I did notice there line was seriously packed.there minor team were unlucky not to win the championship last year and this year minors are savage so a senior championship has to be there within the next 5 years


The 2 teams that came up from div3 last year (olafs,nafianna), are both good sides. Olafs and Scoil, who are at business end of table were division 3 not too long ago and on the flip side Pats Donabate were in div1 not too long ago and are now likely to get relegated to div3 which is pretty hard to get out of, if they do drop. Decent season from nafianna considering they are the only second team in div2


You’d have to fancy NF for the playoffs, won 6 or 7 on the bounce now!!


I’d still fancy towers and raheny to make up the last two playoff spots! Towers play O’toole’s in there next game and I’d say it’ll be tight seen as O’toole’s just beat ilses and need a win


Raheny will decide who wins this league with Ballinteer and Olafs in final 2 games.


Olafs have come on leaps and bounds in both codes in the last 3-4 years. They must be retaining a lot of their minors and getting good numbers at juvenile level. Can’t be easy with some of the other clubs in the area that they have to deal with. Fair play to them


Yeah fair play to Olafs. They were on a real downward slide for a while. I believe they got a lot of country players in which has really helped them.


It’s hard not to see Na Fianna making it with the run that they’re on. They’ve still to play Towers at home and Raheny have two very tough games.


What are the odds that raheny will have them games moved to allow there dubs lads to come back ?not being cynical but most teams do it this end of the year especially with huge games like this


I think Raheny even have to ask. if they have players on the panel the games will be postponed. Even if they are not, why wouldn’t Raheny request them to be???


they have the right to the have the last 2 games moved


Raheny will definitely get promoted with Howard and Fenton back


I’d be very surprised if they didn’t


Na fianna 3-16 TSS 2-6


St Marys 1-13 Naomh Mearnog 2-16


Na Fianna 2-11 Round Towers Clondalkin 1-09 last night. Na Fianna make the playoffs.


Towers very likely to miss out now as well


St Pats (D) beat St Mary’s by 4 pts