Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Schutte skipped the queue…


ah Mark Schutte is an one in a lifetime inspirational and dynamic footballer who offers so much to the while dublin scene that he isnt a fair example.

he must certainly have played at least 5 football matches in the last 3 years

my hole


A vanity selection by Gavin in my view . How Glen O Reilly isn’t on the panel is beyond me personally


Wrong thread maybe but will Brady ever return to the hurlers? Still the right side of 30 i’d say? Seen him in AFL1 for Na Fianna and he was flying. Presume he’s hurling with them also.


I read an article about O’Donnel a few years ago and he chose to put more time into hurling over football but is defiently still a talent in football,glad he chose to play hurling for the dubs instead of following the route of (some) hurlers and sitting on the dubs Gaelic bench and picking up medals


Bad timing maybe they have numerous very similar to him, who can play half back or half forward, if it weren’t for the emergence of Niall Scully and Brian Howard he would be nailed on id say, he will definitely get in at some stage very good footballer great energy.


with Paul Flynn and dermo to get through as well? I doubt it very much.


Last I heard he was still concentrating on football and only the odd appearance at club hurling training. Doubt he’d make it back at this stage but ye never know. Dublin hurling is in a ‘strange’ place at the moment.


at some stage in the next few years was implied.


Keaney and Dotsy? Brady?


St Pats (D) beat TSS


O’Toole’s beat Isles by 3


Na fianna beat Mary’s


Ballinteer beat Whitehall


Raheny 3 - 13 Round Towers 2 - 14. Raheny scored a goal in extra time to win the game!


The simple fact of the matter is if you are atlehic, fit, have good feet…you could excel at football these days. You don’t need to have huge skill levels. Case in point for Eoghan that he hasn’t kicked a ball all year but can stand out. How many inter county footballers would be found out if there was no hand pass ( or throw as it’s more commonly seen to be these days ). Same can’t be said for hurling where you really have to work at the skills of the game.


Extra time in a league game?


Na fianna decent chance for the playoffs


Incredible season for a second team. 5 dublin minors starting this year as well for Na Fianna. 4 on the 21’s . It’s got to happen sometime


And they lost 4 of there first 5 games in this league. Some turnaround