Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017


Raheny have to play Isles, Towers, Oalfs & Ballinteer in their remaining games. Very tough run in for them. I can see BSJ winning the league. Solid side


St Marys 1-15 O’Tooles 0-15


Olafs beat scoil 1-13 to 0-9


Naomh Mearnog beat St Pats. (D)


TSS 3-11 Ravens 4-1


RTC 4-05 Whitehall 0-11


4-1…Christ on a bike


4-2 to be correct


Olafs remaining games:
Pats Palmerston away
Whitehall home
Raheny away

I presume the last games might be held off as well with Dublin players to come back so the Raheny game could be a tough game to win but I think they win the other 2

Ballinteer remaining games:
Whitehall away
Raheny home
O’Tooles away

The Raheny game will be off I’m sure there as well and could be another tough game to win.


Raheny with a very hard last 3 games in towers olafs and ballinter


I think the only 2 teams safe for the playoffs at this point are Olafs and Ballinteer.

Scoil should still make it but have tricky enough games left.

Raheny and Towers this weekend is a big game for both of them. A win for Towers and they should make it. Raheny as you say have a very tough run in but will have Fenton and Howard back for the last 2 games


Eoghan O Donnell some footballer for Whitehall. Saw him in action against Towers last night. Reckon he could easily make an impact for the Dublin Senior football team if he put his mind to it.


Totally agree, saw him when he was a minor and always thought he was a real class act, was being looked at by some Aussie rules teams afaik!
He’s added physicality to his natural ability, gifted dual player and wouldn’t bet against him giving the big ball a go in the future!


Many hurlers have tried . Few have made it


Except Schutte …



Has Tomas Brady not got 3 Celtic Crosses?


He does and fair play to him but he wasn’t a critical part of the picture. Far superior hurler to footballer .


I agree re Brady btw but SPUD said O’Donnell could not would make an impact and I’d agree with that too, he could be not definitely would!


Ahead of all the Dublin u21 players this year like Declan Gavin, Glen O Reilly, Collie Basquel etc. Maybe .

I doubt it very much though.