Adult Football League 11 South (AFL11S) 2019


Wanderers and Croi similar. This time though the ref only played 10 - 15 mins!
Strange decision so early in the game I thought, conditions were the same then as at the start so why even start it!
Wanderers 1-3 to no score up at the time.


Gers vs St Anne’s called off after 28 mins.


Who was winning this match


It was 0-2 to 0-1 to Anne’s.
V close game.
Conditions were bordering on horrendous when the ref called it.


Agreed. Good Finians side. Not as good as BSJ who will win it out I’d say.


Ballyfermot best Ballyboden St endas last night good game of football ballyfermot sound bunch of lads score was 3 18 to 5 10


Jaysus some scoring sounds like a decent game !


Yes it was a great game of football both teams played very attacking football it was end to end football


Don’t know bout ballyer haven’t played them in years, but we always get a good game of ball of this Boden team


This has to be a new team, their second team? Their first team are in Div 8, fair play to them for getting 2 teams out this year


Yeah, its their 2nd team.


Fair play!


We had to concede against Anne’s unfortunately.


Finians beat ballinteer today by 5. We were 8 points down at one stage. 3-12 to 3-7


Yis are Favorites for the league now.


Crumlin beat James’s Gaels 6-14 to 1-5.

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Shankill beat Wanderers by 3.
3-8 to 2-8

I don’t know the listed ref so not sure if it was him or not, but have to say whoever he was, he had a very good game!


Crumlin seem to be motoring well


Thought ye would get more bodies with the amalgamation?


Couldn’t agree more. He was brand new, and I thought he done fantastic. Young too, which is rare at this level.

One of the Wanderers players got a bad knock at the end of the game, hopefully he’s alright? He looked quite rough afterwards.

Good game all round though, fair play