Adult Football League 11 South (AFL11S) 2017


Fair play to shankhill played them 2 weeks ago and there just a load of lads out for a game like most in this league


Off topic guys but what way does the promotion go for this league getting conflicting messages for different managers


Strictly speaking the team that wins the playoff between 11N and 11S has the right to be promoted. Realistically though for div 10 any team can apply to go up a division if they have good reason to, as usually there will be a couple of drop out teams which create a few spaces, and if it looks like you’ll be competitive it’ll usually be agreed without challenge.

Typical reasons to support promotion include:

  • won a lower level Junior Championship (e.g. E or D)
  • finished in the top 2 of the league section with a high win ratio (e.g. only lost once to the team that finished first, or didn’t lose at all but lost the play off semi final or final)
  • amalgamated with a higher division team but want to compete at a lower level as unliely ot be able to compete at a higher level (e.g. a club with a Div 7 team and a Div 11 team, Div 7 team folds and amalgamates with Div 11 team, not stong enough for 7 but easily strong enough for 10)


Sound cheers man!!


ballyboden st endas are playing round towers clondalkin on thursday .


st finans newcastle beat ballyboden 2 goal and 13 points to 1 goal and 11 points. st finans newcastle are a very good side. ballyboden had a player sent off. didn’t help.


St finians Newcastle 1.12 St Anne’s 2-6


Ballyboden St Endas are playing wanderers on Friday night at 7.45pm


Gers gave finians Newcastle a walkover


That them gone now as second walkover


Only 1st walk over in league so we are fine.

We asked Finians for a refixed date as we knew we were struggling, they declined as is their privilege.


Couldn’t refix lad we’re struggling as is, few of our lads are hurlers with commericals and few other boys are away on holidays from tomorrow, we were looking forward to playing ye’s especially after the champo game!


Have gers pulled out of the league now?


ballyboden st endas are playing balinteer st johns on saturday 1st july at 7.45pm.



Only failed to fulfil one fixture so still very much in the league.


Thats what i though but have a look on hill 16 website and all future games have been given as a walkover conceded by gers


That has now been amended.


ballinter st johns beat ballyboden st endas 3 goals and 17 point to 4 goals and 7 points.


Finians and towers drew 3-7 each, good game from the towers lads!


Good game of ball. Couldn’t say the same about about the referee. Was poor for both teams.