Adult Football League 11 South (AFL11S) 2017


Olaf’s beat finians Newcastle 3-14 to 0-4, serious outfit, well drilled, good group of lads who will go far!


Ballyboden beat shankill gaa club 4 goals and 16 points to 5 pointx


Geraldine Moran’s gave St James Gaels a walkover


No thread for O’Broin cup and hardly much point creating one at this stage…

Wanderers well beaten by Olafs yesterday in the cup.

Olafs really are far too strong for this level. Will do absolutely nothing for their young team playing in this league/cup.

Looking at their scores they have scored an average of 2-20 in their 3 cup games so far and 4-13.5 in their 2 league games.


Its a new team, they have to start somewhere. If they went straight in at Div9 or 10 people would be moaning too


Agreed on that,

But according to some of their players half of them played Minor yesterday morning before coming back out in the afternoon. They also had plenty of subs. So why not give the lads who’d already played that morning a break and let the subs (who I can only assume must be closer to the actual level) play instead?


I thought there was a rule regarding minors and adult football


Final year minors can play adult football as far as I know.


u17’s cant play adult football


Cheers fellas


is it u-17? I thought it was u-16 was the rule


Think you have to be at least 17 on the first of January of that year to be eligible for adult football & hurling.


Yea that is right.

It was always 16, but was changed only last year I think…

There was no issue with the Minors playing yesterday in terms of eligibility, my problem is more that they had lads playing twice in the space of a few hours and the second game is at a much lower level than they are at.
When they had 6 or 7 subs maybe they’d have been better off leaving even 3 or 4 of them minors at home for the afternoon and having a slightly more competitive game.

They’d have still won it well but it might have been a bit more competitive.


Harper is right, they are a new team and they had to start somewhere. Minors are entitled to play so they are doing nothing wrong. Going on about it the way you are is just sour grapes.


Fair enough.
My point was more for the players themselves.

I know they are doing absolutely nothing wrong, and I never suggested they were.
But I don’t think there is any way that them players are going to improve or develop at all playing AFL 11S.
I just think they would be better off just playing Minor Division 1 (obviously a very high standard) and leave it at that until next year.
Take the minors out of the team and they would still win the league and be promoted for next year when them minors have to play adult football anyway!

But I don’t want it to come across as sour grapes at all so i’ll leave it at that.


Don’t think he’s complaining…i do think it’s a fair point…besides wasn’t it some of the olafs div 11 team that were disgruntled…


Ballyboden st endas beat geraldine morans by 8 points


The score was 2 goals and 15 points to 1 goal 10 points to ballyboden st endas


Davis beat shankill 7-20 to 0-4


Very important to put that scoreline up!