Adult Football League 11 North (AFL11N) 2018


Need answers to some questions.

Why are these playoffs being fixed?
What is the actual promotion process from the AFL 11 leagues?
What is the relegation process from 10? As per the regs, only 2 teams come down.
Do the Co Board know something we dont. I.E. have a number of teams asked to be dropped down leagues so more promotion spots are up for grabs>


I’ve no real idea how that league (AFL 10) went this year but if more than 2 teams gave two or more walkovers they will be automatically relegated which may have created the additional promotion places fron Div 11.


Having looked on website - looks like 3 are to come down from Div 10.

  1. Fingallians - finished last
  2. Whitehall Colmcille - finished 2nd last and gave 2 walkovers per league results on website
  3. There is a relegation playoff fixture down between NaFianna and Brendans with TBC beside it.


These promotion play offs between 3rd and 4th place will now not take place at all ! as advised directly from County Board


Im sad to say i’m not surprised.

Id love to hear their excuse. And they wonder why lads drop off.


Where did you hear that?

Our manager got confirmation from the county board


I thought only Bishops could do that??


Thats confirmed :wink:


Anyway, these playoffs for the 3rd and 4th placed teams are not going ahead. What a fook up by the County Board.


This stuff goes on almost every year . I remember a few years ago I think it was the year Ballyfermot and Towers Clondalkin went up that they also have a playoff between Croi and Brigid’s who finished 3/4 in 11 South. Both teams played in Tallaght and game was a draw . Never replayed as county board realised it never should have actually been played at all.


According to the CCC regulations released at the start of the year, 1st and 2nd should be playing each other for promotion…that would mean MOW and EGB playing off and equivalent in AFL 11 S.


We know that, but the County board went and fixed 2 games at 2 venues and even appointed refs and throw in times. Very annoying for the teams involved.


Who ended up winning the division 11 ?


Were the playoffs between the top 2 in each division (11north and south)even played?


I can’t find anything on the DublinGAA website that’s why I wasn’t sure what was going on


I think the top 2 just went up should know next week when leagues are announced


No grand final between North and South, top 2 went up from both leagues, big anticlimax


Waste of time that. Top 2 teams at least deserved a final after good seasons


what teams are in the league this year


Nothing been released yet. I know O’Dwyers second team will have a side in it other than that I don’t know