Adult Football League 10 (AFL10) 2018


Syls gave pats walkover


If that’s Whitehall’s 2nd walkover does that mean they’re automatically relegated now?


Real sign of champions that from sylvesters!


Unsure how it works. I’ve heard there is three relegated teams - as top teams from AFL11N & S go to and runners up have a playoff. So perhaps they were already relegated.


If walkover for Whitehall they are auto relegated


Usually top 2 teams in AFL 11 North & South play in semi finals. Has that format changed with 3 up and 3 down?


EGB, Round towers C,MOW & Thomas Davis have qualified for Div 11 semi finals, both finalists are promoted, that can change if teams dont field next year


Whitehall gave 2 walkovers so play off will be Brendans v Na Fianna


The latest is as follows; There is only one Div 11 title and teams placed 1 and 2 play off in each of north and south play semi finals and final for that title. All 4 go up to Div 10. Two further teams (one from North and one from South) also go up. This is decided by a promotion playoff of the 3rd and 4th placed teams. The whole thing has come out of the blue as the promotion playoff is not noted in the rules for the competition. I would also expect that the Div 10 teams might not have been banking on 6 of them being demoted!

Just got told that by our manager. We’re playing division 11 ATM.


That’s not correct


I can assure you Nobody from 11N or 11S was banking on this. We finished 3rd in 11N and after our Champo defeat last weekend, our season was deemed over and our Sunday afternoons reclaimed for the rest of the year


Only 2 teams being relegated from Division 10 as per the adopted CCC regulations for 2018.

34. Football Relegation. In all Adult football Leagues (exception – AFL 10 and the lowest league) the last two teams in the division shall be relegated to the next lowest division. The 3rd last team shall play the 4th last team in a relegation play-off with the losing team also relegated to next lowest league division. The bottom two teams in AFL 10 shall be relegated. For the purpose of determining final league placing any team eliminated from a league shall be considered to have finished in last place in a league regardless of the points they have accumulated up to the time of their elimination and shall be relegated.


But if Fingallians finished bottom with 6 points and Whitehall gave 2 walkover than that’s the 2 relegation positions filled. Why are Brendan’s and Na Fianna down for a relegation play off??


No Idea. That’s taken from the CCC regulations issued to all club secretaries at the start of the season. Looks wrong for sure


The whole thing is a joke now, players not knowing what they are playing for, do not know when the season will finish, if they can make plans for their weekends. Also this thing of giving walkovers just because your season is over. Have some respect for others in the league who are relying on your result. There is no way syls would have given a walkover if they had not secured the title already.


Leauge play off next Sunday. TG V EI