Adult Football League 10 (AFL10) 2017


Watched most Cuala games this year - thought Ballyfermot were a great team and the best in league this year. Not much between the rest of who I saw.

Last year - three teams from D10 went up - Clann Mhuire, Rosmini and Skerries all went up due to a pull out a few divisions ahead I think - with a knock-on effect. If happens again, assume whoever wins play-off semi finals could go up.


Some season for Ballyfermot though! - League, Championship and won the Duffy Cup.


I think we were the only team to beat Ballyfermot in all competitions this season? That was one in three games though!


What’s going on with the league table? I thought ballyfermot were already confirmed league winners, and marks couldn’t catch syls, but now marks are in the play off places and Cuala are top, with ballyfermot and syls a game each left in hand?


ballyfermot won their last game against fingallians by 10 points but the score hasn’t been updated to the website yet.

No idea on score in vincents match


Looks like Vinnie’s gave a walkover to erins isle? So playoffs all boil down to syls away to naomh barrog. Incredible stuff from marks to nick in at this late stage with a real shout, fair play.


If Nh Barrog beat Sylvesters, playoffs will be:
Cuala vs St Marks
Cabinteely vs St Vincents

If Sylvesters beat Nh Barrog, playoffs will be;
Cuala vs Vincents
Cabinteely vs Sylvesters

Cuala/Cabinteely have home semi-finals in any situation.


Any ideas on dates??


I guess it will be another 4 weeks assuming syls and barrog will be Sunday week.


Very late to be finishing a season. I wonder when did they play the semis and final last season?


Anyone know if there will be a relegation play off in this division or is it just AIB being relegated?


There was odd number with BYE in play so I’d say only AIB go down and 2 up.


Last year, AFL10 had less teams (10 or 12), and from memory 2 pulled out.

Last year, the play-offs were late September/mid October I think.


Checked Hill16 - final last year was played September 25th, and only 10 teams competed in the league in the end.


AFL 11 finished last year on the 16th of October anyway last year between Brigid’s and Isles. Cabinteely and Marks both made play off semi final which was around 2 weeks earlier imagine AFL 10 was finished around then aswel


The last round of fixtures in AFL 10 was in August last season. This year has been a vast improvement


Barrog beat sylvesters today so playoffs are:
Cuala vs marks
Cabinteely vs vincents

Great effort by st marks to make playoffs - Syls picked up 1 point from last 4 games to somehow miss out when they had looked sure things.


Barrog 4:07 Syls0:18.
Goals win games!
Both teams gave it socks today and it was one of the better games I’ve seen this level. But every time syls got 2/3 points we got a goal to keep slightly out of reach.
Shay Keogh is still a serious operator at this level. Syls are a top bunch of lads too.

Best of luck to all4 teams in the play offs


Cuala won vs Marks this morning. Understand the final is set for next weekend


Final on this Sunday at 11 in Dalkey.