Adult Football League 10 (AFL10) 2017


Cuala 0-06 Ballyfermot 1-16


Any results from Na Fianna V Vincents and Fingallians V Sylvesters


Na Fianna beat vincents by 5/6.


Sylvester’s won according to Dublingaa


Cabinteely beat St Brigids 4-12 to 4-09


St Brendans 1-4 Vincents 6-15.
Think it was played earlier in week.


Brigid’s 2-6 _ 1-04 Brendan’s . Game played in awful conditions


Vincent’s beat Cuala


Any scores for Erin’s Isle V Whitehall and Marks V Na Fianna?


Brigid’s 1-7 _ 3-13 Ballyfermot


Cuala bt Syvesters by 2 points.

Anyone know how the play-offs will work?

Assuming due to pull outs, walkovers and bye weeks that can’t go to score difference and as such will go to head to head.

In situation that Syls win remaining two games, and Vincents/Cuala win their last game - then three way tie for 3rd.

But…Vins bt Cabo, Cabo bt Syls, Syls bt. Vins - so head to head results in a tie…does it go to score difference between the three?



if its tie between 3 or more teams it comes down to score difference in matches involving those teams only. Score difference is a higher priority than results between them


Thanks - on that basis (and of course on basis of all of these teams winning remaining games), for third place it would be

Vincts > Sylv > Cabo


Personally I think there’s a lot of merit in the team that scored the most points in all games being placed highest :wink:

Looking at the way the league finished there’s really bugger all between the top 5. I reckon we should all go up.


Ballyfermot best team we played all year followed by Fingallians . Not much between Sylvester’s, Cuala Vincent’s and Cabinteely.


The issue with that is that some teams would have got a walkover from team A and another team would have played team A which can impact on the overall points difference.

Assuming Cuala, Sylvesters and Vincents win their remaining matches, Cabinteely, Vincents and Sylvesters will end up on 23 points and all three have beaten and lost to each other. As far as i know it becomes a mini league amongst those 3 teams.

Based on PD and then points scored I’ve 3rd Syls (PD +3, PS 32), 4th Vins (PD +3, PS 29), 5th Cabo (PD -6, PS 32).


That analysis looks bang on. Presumably it’s not that big a deal insofar as placongs from 2nd to 5th will just decide who plays who and who is at home?

If it did finish Cuala, syls, Vinnie’s and cabo in that order, then I assume the playoff semis will be Cuala at home v cabo and syls at home v Vinnie’s.

Then again maybe it’ll be an open draw and both games will be played at a neutral venue?


A neutral venue for AFL 10 play offs ???


It’s usually the highest placed team in the league has home advantage


I believe Padraig Duffy has requested they be played in Croke Park due to the likely attendance