Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


The problem now is there is growing culture that IC players shouldn’t be asked to play for their clubs and a growing number of players who concur.

I suspect Lazarus will featuring in few positions come Croke Park Saturday evening


yip amazing how many tight hammys clear up over the week


A chance to make history … or pick up an injury on a cold Feb morning that could jeopardize your season. It’s a tough one.


there used to be universal school of GAA thought that “your season” also includes involvement with “your club”.


Yep … That’s when it was a hobby …


I don’t think managers were told they were injured necessarily but just that they needed rest. Joke of a decision but not much can be done about it as county manager calls the shots for now. It would be great if the likes of Kilkenny of McCaffrey took a personal stance and insisted on playing club games throughout the season up to a week before championship games. I only mention those two as they are undroppable if fit


Needed a rest from what exactly? Maybe a rest from interminable training and an actual game of football might do the trick.


No chance of getting injured in practice games or challenge matches of course.

Wrapping grown men in cotton wool. Laughable.


Sort of like how Lowndes got injured training for Dublin last week?


You can twist your ankle hopping out of your Hyundai Forrester. I think we all know what I meant - I’m not necessarily advocating it either - just seeing it from a player’s point of view. If you get an injury like Eric fair enough … I’d say any of the lads would be very pissed to bust a shoulder training with the club.


If i recall correctly, Bernard Brogan did his cruciate ligament in Dublin training last year. Guys are just as likely to get hurt on a training pitch with Dublin as they are when training/playing with their clubs.


If you’re talking about training I have no issue with them nkt being released for training prior to league games. But they should be released for matches where there’s a week between games


sure we are constantly told they are only back a few weeks and hence they are not firing on all guns just yet.

So what are they needing rest from ?


I see Dessie gone in with Dublin hurlers . Will this effect Na Fianna . Hard to see how you could do both !


what is this?



Fins were 4 up at ht


OPER 1-08, Lucan Sarsfields 3-11


Cuala won well against Vincent’s


Cuala 4-09 Vincents 0-14.

Good win for Maurs over Fins…played 2nd half with 14.