Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


Did Bastick tog out or has he stepped away to focus on his quick feet


4 nice points from play.


Great news. No matter what happens with DC and the Dubs it would be great to see him back to his best and enjoying club football.


Is DC not also playing hurling this season with Vins?


Looks like only lads Jim gavin wanted to give game time to played . Anyone that had played most of Dublin’s first few league games didn’t . Disappointing really as it was only chance for county players to play league I would say before championship in April .


So going by that county lads will be lucky to play 3 league games out of 15 for their clubs .


And the sad thing is that most of them won’t mind a bit.


Not saying your wrong , but I’ve been told C Kilkenny and J MC Caffrey love their club and barring injury make themselves available at the drop of a hat , as would Cluxton and Connolly , after that I can’t say


County lads do only play 3 or 4 games with clubs in league each year.
Doesnt mean they dont care about their club or dont mind but it is what it is. Its nothing new and its not the players fault.


Agreed. I should have said some. Other? Not so much.


Ye it’s county management at all levels fault and county board for rolling over . Tyrone , Monaghan , Roscommon a lot of other counties structure their fixtures and have starred games to facilitate county lads been available to clubs . To keep some sort of connection between them and there club . Here they nearly fix games to clash so they don’t have the issue of can he play or can’t he play . Was speaking to a lad whose son is on the u20 panel training away like mad not allowed near club yet rules state they shouldn’t even be back training with county . It’s a massive problem and getting worse


The U20s is a joke. They had them doing fitness testing on Thursday & Saturday before club league on Sunday. Either they are clueless charlatans or just dont care about clubs.


Why don’t clubs stand up to them? Well and good giving out and I agree totally that county managers are out of control but for as long as clubs tolerate it nothing will change.


How exactly? Do you think young lads are being forced to do this against their own free will? Do you think clubs are going to say our lads aren’t attending this or that - and the lads will agree with it?

Seriously what action would you suggest?


I think in fairness people are concious if they kick up a fuss they will damage the young players chances of being on the squad which they dont want either


Ye that’s the thing I think county board should stand up to them and the GAA centrally . Rules are rules u break them u are punished


By insisting that the county board enforce the rules re the training of these teams. As noted they’re not even supposed to be training yet. So why are they. And even if you turn a blind eye to that how can they be allowed to dictate to the clubs?

Players should simply be withdrawn by clubs until these people are brought under control and instructed to follow the rules. It was threatened before and it worked. For a while.

It’s not rocket science.

And we’ll be reaching critical mass soon enough.


It has to be done and should be done centrally I think - HQ have to lay it down very strongly. As mentioned above young lads would probably not want their clubs kicking up.


Who is managing u20s this year?


Same as last year