Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


Maurs 1.16 SOPER 1.7

Bernard and Bulger played


I fear for Plunketts this year. Did Dermo play for Vinnies?


Great win! Did the intercounty lads play for NF? Not really concerned about whether the intercounty lads played for Jude’s :smirk:


Don’t know. Wasn’t there myself


Boden beat us 2-10 to 0-10. Pretty poor game. Only Dubs Smally and Jamesy started for us, the latter coming off after 15 minutes injured.

We were very sloppy, not good enough, but there was a real 6 point swing, the referee missed a definite stonewall penalty and within 10 seconds Boden went down the pitch and scored a goal. I can only surmise the ref was unsighted for it, as it was as clear as day a penalty as you’ll ever see.

Very disappointing morning.


McHugh played,Cooper and Murchan didn’t even tog out, (might be because of Lowndes injury ). Kevin Mc played full game for Jude’s.


They didnt




Agree was a peno all day . Poor game with both teams looking sluggish . Disappointing not all dubs playing . Boden probably just about deserved


Fingallians 1-11 TSS 0-9
O’Gara and Flynn played but no Scully


Big win for fins


Great win for fins


Think they’ll hold their own this year up in div 1. Fins a young side.


O Gara didnt play much I heard?


Got sent off like he did last year in the championship against them.


Did Reddin play. ???


Id say he was. He was playing in a recent friendly for maurs.


Don’t think Bastick played either. Not sure if it was dancing related…


Injured during the week, so missed out yday!


How did DC do?