Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


The whole u20 is a joke. We had GAA drop the best competition- u21 which was played on knockout basis. Excuse was player burnout. Now we have group stages in the provincials and talk of bringing in a u20 league. The third level competitions should have played off in January and not in middle when national leagues starting .


It’s actually April 1st for U20 football. March 1st for U20 Hurling.

But the rules don’t apply to inter county managers. They may do what they wish with impunity.

Massive vote for rules regarding availability of players to clubs to be implemented at recent county conventions. Also totally ignored.

Time for clubs to take more direct action imho.


Billy Sheehan-Kerry- 37 when transferred due to his kids playing with Judes
Brian McGuire-Kerry - lives with 5 min walking distance of club
Conor Cox-Kerry - didnt transfer
Niall Donovan-Tipperary
Brian Coakley-Cork - transferred due to his brother Niall
Niall Coakley-Cork - transferred as member of home club was coaching Judes seniors at the time
Mark Sweeney-Antrim - Transferred through a work colleague
Liam Mailey-Donegal
Padraic Clarke-Sligo - uncle is a long serving member of the club
Andy Sweeney-Antrim - brother of Mark
Ciaran Fitzpatrick-Kildare - googled the club
Cillian O’Reilly-Cavan - colleague plays with Judes
Conor Mackle-Armagh


Googled the club :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Apologies- *googled GAA clubs in south dublin and then rang the secretary looking to play


I’m sure he could have as easily asked anyone in his circle of friends and they would have known something about “clubs in south Dublin”. Google is great!!! or if being PC, the use of a search engine is great as we don’t want to promote any one over another!!!


Still not the point it’s the quality of player and numbers doesn’t matter how they came that’s the reality . Look at the length of list . Unheralded in any club . But as I said that’s Jude’s choice . But to me imho not defendable . Fitzpatrick from Kildare ( played with Kildare ) home club is kilcock . Hardly million miles away . Then lads saying 2nd team full to the brime aswel . Clearly shows Jude’s policy . There’s no getting away from it . Every player on that list has played county !!!


Amazing :rofl:


“Googled the club”… what I heard is Ciaran Fitzpatrick met st Jude’s on tinder…


Na Fianna signed Armagh player Eugene McVerry.


Can we please stop with this “signed” bullshit. It’s as bad as RTE referring to managers and their “contracts”

This is not soccer


Fitzpatrick teaches out near crokes but didn’t want to join them as a lot of his students would be playing; so he email a few south Dublin teams and judes were the only ones to reply to him


Where are these rules ?

Can’t seem to find them


See link below. Rule 6.45 on P. 119/120. Flouted with impunity by just about every county and county manager.

Were I a club manager I wouldn’t be putting up with this shit.


6.45 Closed Months/Collective Training
Collective training: Collective training is where one or more player(s) is/are required to be at a specific place at a specific time on a specific date.
Senior Inter-County panels may return to collective training and/or games for the following year on a timetable determined by their time of exit from the AllIreland Championship in a current year as follows:

Exit June: Commence Training November 15th.

Exit July/All-Ireland Quarter-Finals: Commence Training December 1st

Exit August/All-Ireland Semi-Finals: Commence Training December 8th.

Exit September (excluding All-Ireland Semi-Finals): Commence Training December 29th.

There shall be a mandatory closed period for games and collective training of all Senior Inter-County panels from December 21st to 28th inclusive.

The commencement dates for the collective training and/or games of Inter-County underage teams shall, unless otherwise approved by Central Council, be as follows:

Under 20 Football
• April 1st for collective training, challenge/tournament games.

Under 21 Hurling
• March 1st for collective training.
• March 31st for challenge/tournament games.
(Note: Effective January 1st 2019, “Under 21 Hurling” shall be changed to “Under 20 Hurling”.)

Minor Hurling and Football
• All Under-16 activity to be completed by October 31st.
• January 1st for collective training.
• January 31st for challenge/tournament games.
An Under-Age Inter-County Team (i.e. U21/20 or Minor) shall be restricted to a maximum of three collective sessions - Training and/or Games - per week.

Penalties for breaches:
Senior Inter-County panels: Team shall forfeit Home Venue in next game in the National League.


From recollection Jude’s are one of the fastest growing clubs at underage. Will be interesting to see how this combined strategy works. In fairness though it’s not as if they’ve dominated the SFC over the last few years.


So basically Jude’s have a good network… and in one instance well placed on the google search engine. All clubs have networks but as Jude’s grow bigger and more ambitious their connections and network do too. This is just the natural order. Tony Keady told me a good one about pucking about up in Tymon Nth many yrs ago and a lad approached him and asked to sign something for him … when he read it under a dim light he realized it was a transfer form for Faughs :joy::joy::joy: in fairness I think those days are gone.

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Vincents 2-15 Skerries 0-14 (Level at HT 1-6 to 0-9)


Na Fianna 3-14 St Judes 2-10