Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


Correct - Brian Kavanagh is Longford man. Was of belief that one of the half forwards was an outsider; and Pat Duggan an outsider too?

Boden - Is O’Reilly an outsider? Then I pushed the boat out with the subs as I wasn’t 100% sure, but @Wallopeddonkey said they’d none!

If they aren’t, then the number falls below the 12, and @Patsy will be the one who’s “very surprised”


Fairly sure Darren O’Reilly has been with Boden since underage although his dad is a Synge St man


some bye law is that if your with a club in the county you are declared for the parentage rule was overruled and you arent intercounty eligible until you play championship for the new club


|Vins have 6 by my count, unless your counting Concarr thats 7 then


Kavanagh hardly featured last year, and Duggan is a crokes man his father coaches the 2nd team


the good work of last 10 years in Juvenile will still take time to bring through to adult and i use adult advisedly as opposed to senior…
it could equally be argued an over reliance on 2009 panel caused a dip in numbers coming through to senior, very few home grown between 24 and 30 there now…

It is a balancing act to remain an open friendly club to all comers and keep home grown players happy… as a 40 year old club with such a restricted catchment area a number of incoming players will probably always be needed to keep competing at a high level.

No incoming player has received any inducements in any event and there are 2 sets of brothers where the younger followed the longer established older brother


Looks like Dessie can sign a few and still be well behind the neighbours. :hugs:


It would be interesting to go through full league and list the outsiders playing . The problem with Jude’s apart from the amount is all the players seem to be county or ex county . Boden crokes brigids Davis maurs fins and probably more all added together probably wouldn’t come to Jude’s totally .


Would the hurlers have many outsiders


I am not the one surprised. I was fairly sure that Crokes only had one, Boden none and wasn’t sure about Vins. The Judes numbers are surprising but if you’re desperate for success !!


They might consider changing their name too. St. Jude is the Patron Saint of hopeless cases! :no_mouth:


I don’t know if you picked a few decent players, you could close the gap between the teams. :wink:


We’ll see what the February transfer window brings … :wink:


Kavanagh hasn’t played for a couple years.


Could it be Pat Burke? He played juvenile with Judes. Played soccer with UCD. Started playing with Crokes at junior level and was promoted to senior team after a couple matches. His father from Clare would have played with Crokes too.


4 or 5 on the panel all here all few years now


Have many younglads from the last 3/4 years minor teams from Jude’s played for the first team over the last few seasons


None even though they won all round them and many played for Dublin minors and 20s. All now playing junior B or given up and psd off with all the overpaid county players coming in stealing their starting places :roll_eyes:


Burke is Hardly a blow in. Played a bit in school while his father played for crokes and won an all ireland. Burke has played for seniors since mid 2000s


what did they win all round them ??