Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


AFL1 Fixtures have appeared on Dublingaa

Presumably the rest will follow today


Lovely some tasty games there really looking forward to it


I think (and I know it sounds like a blast from the soccer past and hence probably wouldn’t fly) a limit on the number of Intercounty** players that can line out for you in champo (the only time you’ll see most of them) could work…maybe 3…

** I would define intercounty as anyone, outside of the home county, who has played National League or Championship (inc backdoor) in the last say… 3/5 years…:thinking:

This way it doesn’t preclude your average country lad looking to play a bit of ball, but it does limit the big name signings from creating a glass ceiling for local lads coming through and ultimately losing interest (the real “victims” in this scenario)


Far too many and a lot of club members aren’t happy about it. Gone from the ‘09 final with all homegrown players to around 50/50 now. Two seasons ago we’d 3 starters with everyone fit which is pretty much the norm. It won’t stop it but at the very least players transferring in should have to prove that they’re living within a couple of km’s of the club. After that I’d suggest for championship teams should only be allowed 3 outsiders on the pitch at any one time who haven’t been with the club for at least 3 years.

All of the lads over the years have had legitimate links to the club that brought them in whether that be friends, living locally etc. I’ve no idea about this latest influx though other than knowing that they’ve not been given any incentive to join. I suspect the publicity garnered last year with the run to the final and about how welcoming the club is with the number of country lads in the squad has made us the go to club for lads moving to Dublin.

If we were lucky enough to win a championship this year it’d certainly leave a bitter sweet taste in the mouth for me. Huge work has gone into the academy the last 10 years so the future of homegrown talent is bright but it’ll be another few years before we really see the fruits of that labour at senior level.


Billy Sheehan-Kerry
Brian McGuire-Kerry
Conor Cox-Kerry
Niall Donovan-Tipperary
Brian Coakley-Cork
Niall Coakley-Cork
Mark Sweeney-Antrim
Liam Mailey-Donegal
Padraic Clarke-Sligo
Andy Sweeney-Antrim
Ciaran Fitzpatrick-Kildare
Cillian O’Reilly-Cavan
Conor Mackle-Armagh

Oisin Manning and Paul Cunningham both home grown players have played with Wicklow


I’d definitely agree with grading lads who have been at a club for more than a set number of years as part of a homegrown element or certainly different to new outsiders. Possibly have 2 tiers where 3 max within 3 years and 3 max who have played longer than 3 years or some combination like that because there are plenty of players who have transferred up to a club who help out at all levels and have set up firm roots in an area.


That’s unbelievable :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


You could add the number of imports from Vincents, Boden and Crokes (last years SF Semi Finalists) together and you still wouldnt get that many, I don’t think…


Put it up, tell us how many each of them had. Reckon you’ll be very surprised.


Who’s that from Margaret’s ?


Vincents 7
Crokes 4
Boden 3

Could be wrong on guesstimates there! But 14 (I think) across 3 teams, as opposed to 12 on 1 team. Still fairly damning!

No brainer that members within Judes are disgruntled, they pay memberships for their kids to go through the grassroots, and then get it thrown back in their face somewhat when influx of outsiders plod into the Senior fold!


Who are outsiders on Crokes/Boden? Dyas is only one can think from Crokes.


not with Judes, he is back with Listowel


Cox not there at all


typo on the transfer list?


yes transfer list has it wrong. Colm keyes article in todays indo has him correctly moving to kerry


from the list above at least 4 are well over 30…

would be more like 6 than 12 might be playing Senior championship injuries permitting .

I think there are more also if the transfer list can be believed


No outsiders from Boden I was informed. Not last year anyway


Was there something if he transferred to Roscommon club he wouldn’t be eligible to play under parentage rule? I think that why he transferred back to Listowel.


Kavanagh full forward from crokes Longford man I think