Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


…you know a GAA club with money is a little like a mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it and danged if he knows what to do with it. The names Lyle …Lyle Lanley…of the monorail…


I’ll gladly look after Vincent’s but it would have to be a 3 year deal. I’d definitely have them inDiv4 by a then😉
TBF to John O’Brien I’m told he’s a really good coach.


Did he tell you that? :thinking:


He swears it’s true😉


Hope for Plunketts sake it wasn’t an appointment as nobody else available , a rushed appointment you might say .

To be fair had a very successful time with Curraha , Ballyboden was a disaster as was Tyrellspass.

From reports he is meant to be a very good coach so might do very well , although a lot might say Plunketts time in regards SFC night have well passed .


It is. Think they’ve got a lad in from st Margaret’s to train them as well


Worst possible time to take over boden after Andy as he obviously got the very best out of that group at the time


Yes nigel Kennedy.


Though he was more a Kerry man …



Will county lads play first league game . They have no games that week . Would be great for us supporters and start to league to get out and see a good game with county lads playing . Noticed good few transfers into Jude’s again and TSS got a few . Will be very competitive league again teams will be looking at getting a good start . 3 going down makes it tough


One of the Judes transfers, Conor Cox (Kerry lad who transferred to Roscommon?) is down twice going from the Roscommon club to both Judes and Listowel. Not sure what has happened there


Conor Mackle one of the Jude’s ones started on sun for Armagh .


Judes also signed Jack McGuire. Has played for Kerry at senior and junior level. Same club as Conor Cox. Cox can still play Roscommon under the parentage rule if transfers to Judes?


County lads played first league game last year.


Its the fact that he’s down on the same date on the transfer list as transferring back to Listowel which is confusing


I don’t think he played with Eire Og but still has to transfer back to home club? Should be no issue transferring to Judes then as hasn’t played any championship. How many outsiders have Judes now?


ah that makes sense now

They’re after getting in at least 5 players who will be on the senior squad I would guess based on past or current inter county experience.


I hear they’re putting a large Kavanaghs Coach bus stop in Spawell.


It’s unreal the amount Jude’s have . Other clubs got abused over much less . They must have at least 10 . And most are county ex county not just country lads living up here so have to join someone . Listen I don’t agree with it and think it’s way over the top but that’s their choice just wonder long term effects it will have on them especially if they don’t win a championship . Out of interest can anyone go through and we see exactly how many they have . Would be quite shocking i would think


something has to be done to protect the local players who have trained since juvenile level in the hope of one day playing senior football,