Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


Have gone many times as a neutral to games , my club host every year feile finals which I get to and sitting in the stand is a total eye opener , the ref 9 out of 10 is excellent and from the moment the ball is thrown in you here “steps” “chop” “ it was out “ perfectly good points being called wide , some people develop what I like to call GAA touerets, just can’t help themselves, I know hill 16 had a ref test for years and best I ever got on it was 70 % for every poor ref I have seen I’d say there’s four decent skins


Hudson is back in the country but is currently injured I think. Danny is involved with Junior A team in Div 5.


It’s not Danny mccann from marks. It’s a danny McCann from Antrim


Karma for TD! Their hurlers were given a point last week that was 2 feet wide and they won by a point.


Clare footballers Dean Ryan and Ciaran Russell(both Eire Og Ennis) transferred to Dublin clubs. Ryan to Na Fianna and Russell to Kilmacud Crokes. Ballyboden have Tomas Hayes from Cavan and Leslie Cawley from Mayo.


Russell and Ryan both serious footballers good additions for both Clubs.