Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2019


Maurs 2.9 Fins 2.8

Down to 14 after 25 mins.

Not a dirty game at all, a hardy derby and ref dished about 10-12 yellows out.


Fins black was never a black. Fins v wasteful. Hit bar twice. Maurs dug in down to 14 and have a couple of nice players. Shocking weather for football. Overall good game


Davis 0-13 ballymun 0-14, good game both teams missing a lot, ref was terrible, dont really complain about refs but he handed ballymun a lot.


DC play?


Handled Ballymun a lot?..had he Garda clearance?


Brigids and Na Fianna drew.


St Judes 2-11 TSS 0-6 Horrendous conditions for a match


Philly played with mun today is he not on the Dublin panel at the moment?


Had surgery recently I believe


Correct. He broke his wrist recently


To be honest, it should have been a red and the ref said as much to him. But he never gave the red for some reason, he said it was a trip but it was a wild swing with the boot.


Lads we need to be careful here, at least 2 games referenced above are questioning the referee. AFL /AHL 1/2 refs are selected from a panel which I know from talking to 1 that they were in PP this weekend on in service/ fitness exams training on Saturday morning. The question I am putting out there is, are we getting frustrated with the referee or frustrated with the rules that the referee is enforcing.


For me the issue is there is absolutely no consistency in the application of the rules. This applies to all codes and levels.


He pulled away never continued with the boot. I was right behind it. Looked worse than it was. Bit more went on that wasn’t punished. Maurs deserved the win. Few crackin forwards the have


A lad at the TD / BM game said, TD scored a point about 2 ft inside the post, referee waved it wide even when umpire said it went over extremely frustraiting game by all accounts instigated by the referee mainly.


I find a lot of problems with referees is they won’t explain a decision or talk to a player. When questioned about a decision they make they just ignore the player and shunt them away


We had Marysman reffing us this weekend and he, along with Keith Tighe, Seamus Farrely and a few others, are very good at that part of reffing. They will give an explanation and allow some leeway for an immediate reaction to a foul within reason. Not all decisions are going to be given as it’s impossible to be 100% right but having an open dialogue goes a long way to mitigating it


Thats a great win for Cuala. Beating Vincents in that manner in any senior game is not easy.


I find the biggest problem with referees is that they’re the only neutral person at every game and therefore can do nothing right in the eyes of biased supporters!! …


Is Paul Hudson back playing with TD? Is Danny McCann involved with TD as a coach? Saw him on the line at u21 final and he was in paper with their minor team last week.