Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


In my day when lads got sand kicked in their eyes … Charles Atlas came to the rescue!!

Jesus … the memories …:joy::joy::joy:


Not the first time davis’ had sand kicked in their eyes this year. 1 Thrown out of championship. 2 no ref for pretend/B championship 3 play on beach. Conspiracy or what ??? They won’t appeal again I’d say. :slight_smile:


Apparently Davis mentor asked “ are ya joking is this silver park or silver strand “ … ref ??


Genuine question i would think looking at the pictures


Glenalbyn was similar on Wednesday (maybe not quite as bad). Was horrible to play on.


And you bite basically every time :joy: :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Fk them :joy::joy::joy:


5 10 to 9 … Maurs beat Castleknock


Vincents beat cuala by 8.


Syls got a win against BSJ


Crokes beat Ballyboden by 7


Brigids must be sick of Na Fianna this week …




As an aside is Schutte still with Dublin? Absolutely anonymous last night.


Read somewhere he was back on football panel.


No credible evidence last night that he should be anywhere near it. His own midfield partner, a young lad named Peadar something who was a minor last year offered far more. As did Lorcan Galvin for us. And no one is touting either one as an inter county player.


18 to 1-09

1-19 to 1-11 in the hurling


Plunketts beat Lucan 0-20 to 2-11


That’s often the way though isn’t. Most IC players are often wholely underwhelming for their clubs. That’s been my experience of it anyway!


BSJ 2-16 Castleknock 2-11