Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Indeed. See above. Again. Full single on those shoulders. Both feet??? :joy::joy::joy: FFS …


I thought the point was to discuss/debate the matches/tactics/players etc which seemed to be the case on the suggested tactic or otherwise by people who were at the game.
I’m sure others here would be interested in some insight of the Mun/NaF match if any here was there.


Yes sure was. Very poor to say the least… apparently just sanded yesterday in time for the match.


Was there any bounce on it? Surely there has to be a minimum standard of pitch?


You’d normally sand, spike, fertilize etc and then close for few weeks to water continuously . Hard to see the benefit in sanding etc pre match. Looks half inch in areas.


No bounce at all from what I was told. Not sure how the ref let it go ahead on that surface.


Certainly now an option if playing a team with couple of nippy corner forwards - half a ton of roadstones finest in all corners please.

Jaysus I hope Wicklow and Offaly don’t see that photo…they could unlock the secret to defeating the Dubs in June. 4 feet of sand in all areas of the pitch and extra wall of it in front of bench.


Looks like the ground staff didn’t get the fixture list :joy:


I love when you make a point here and someone disagrees with you, and in doing so makes your very point much better than you could ever have …


What’s your point?


He secretly loves Vinnies


I have great time for Vinnies and have vocally supported them on many occasions when representing Dublin. It’s the (snow) flakey nature of their members here who will brook no criticism or observation - harsh or imagined that amuses me. It’s like a GAA version of the way you can’t say anything about certain things/groups etc …


Ref deemed the pitch ok to play on and both teams happy for the game to proceed.


would be zero bounce but pitch wasn’t unsafe so no reason for it not to go ahead id think. Looks way worse in photos than what it actually was I reckon


The groundsman is probably from Cork and got inspired by Pairc Ui Chaoimh


His point is he’s a wind up merchant.


ah I was just trying to highlight his overuse of the word point by using it twice in one sentence but on reflection using it twice is not really an overuse so I’ll hold my hands up on that one


Good point!



Not much of a bounce looked to skid off it more than anything, lads getting sand in eyes trying block kicks, bit of a joke, don’t think crokes management or players expected it to be like that when they turned up either