Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Crokes 3-11 Thomas Davis 2-10. Silver park


Silver park


Thought was Sandymount Strand there.


A little of both. It should have been worse for Castleknock. Vins missed a lot in the first half.


Castleknock missing four starters and were bit light on bench but no excuses. Vins were able to make goal chances at ease and took their points well whereas final ball into castleknock was poor and they had to scrap for anything they got. Ger Brennan came on as sub with about five to go.


Castleknock play a horrible brand of football i wished they get pumped like this more often


You obviously haven’t seen them play this year - they’re markedly different to the last two years and a lot more attacking.
At one stage Vinnies had the full 15 in their own half in the first half. Different strokes for different folks.


At one stage…

Vincents played them off the park to be fair.


Jaysus @alanoc the cheek of anyone uttering a single thing that might be construed as negative against Vins wha’??!!


No issue if it’s true.

It’s not in this case. Unless ‘at one stage’ means a few seconds out of sixty minutes.

And even then I’m not sure what the point of the post is.


I think the point was that most teams are capable of pulling 15 men behind the ball at times in a game - even Vins. It’s not a sin.


Or is it?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ballinteer 1-14 Plunketts 3-8


I didn’t see much of it if any at all. We’d a young team out and I was happy with the way they attached every ball looking to go forward.


The other poster said you did. It’s no big deal. Very sensitive souls down around Marino. Instant high dudgeon if anything is said about Vins … but ye can slag everyone else off to beat the band. God bless ye … a great bunch of lads.


Watched most of it. Didn’t see the 15 back at any stage tbh. (Half time huddle maybe?) Seemed to be plenty of space up front for CK. If I was left 1 on 1 against pace of young Wilson or Lambe, I’d be hoping for any half dozen of any jersey to fill it.


Fixed that for you mate…

@alanoc, im sorry, I really tried to resist :joy::joy::joy:


Was game played on that surface?



Would you like another chip to balance those shoulders?

I was discussing a game I was at with someone else who was at the game.

Then you came in with both feet…


Very sensitive indeed