Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


That’s a good score at 3-12 to rack up without mullins, Carthy and Connolly.
That said, OPER no longer relevant at business end of sfc.


Is galvin still with oper?


No he’s not with Plunketts anymore… Plunketts really depleted at the minute 4 maybe 5 subs on the line. No Alan Bernard or Paul brogan to call on either.


Alan retired?


Don’t think Alan is playing with them, is Corrigan still there?


Transferred back to his club Finuge.


Cant see them troubling cokes or boden so, raheny be tough also


Yeah currently retired hopeing he might come back for champo as he is badly needed :crossed_fingers:t2:


I’d fancy plunketts to end up in relegation semi final.



What will be the minimum required points do you’se think will be enough to survive in D1 this year with the extra team relegated.


13/14 be touch and go I’d guess.


12 points. You’d be unlucky to find yourself in the playoff if you managed that.


How come there’s gonna be an extra team relegated? (Or am I missing something?)


Bottom 2 are automatically down this year with 3rd and 4th from bottom in a relegation playoff. It’s the same for divisions 1-9.


Will the dublin lads be togging tonight?


First 15-20 unlikely. Might get a few on the fringe still being left to play with clubs.


Vincents beat castleknock by 12+. Could have been more with another 3 or 4 goal chances. Impressive performance keeping CK at arms length throughout. Fennell back playing. Shane Carty played but No DC, mossy, Nathan mullins or Ger Brennan.


That’s a serious trimmings considering who they were missing, were Vins that good or were C’Knock that bad ?


Maurs 2.14
Brigids 2.6