Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018




I played in a div one playoff on the astro in brigids on a random Jan night many moons ago. It was the norm at the stage to be still playing up to week before Christmas and only have 2 weeks break all year. we didn’t overthink it at the time and just kept pushing on.
Looking back now you see the gaps between games and issues around burnout etc that could have happened


This is a great idea but think it should be increased to say 4 or maybe 5 , agree at start of year with county manager which rounds, then wont have this needless drag on at end of year.


Similar idea in Monaghan club league I think. They are called Starred Games i think they have up to 6 games where County Players are available. I think they also double points in these games so a win is worth a 4 points and a draw 2.


I don’t know the answer to this but are all Monaghan Senior Club teams represented on the IC Team? Does that double point system not put clubs without an IC Player at a disadvantage?


This system was used at Senior, Intermediate & Junior level in Monaghan this year. Not all clubs were equally represented with county players. I think there were big differences in points even though teams had won an equal number of games.

Can be a little unfair as 1 weaker team might get playing a strong team without their county players & the another team which is of the same standard might have to play the same strong team with all their players.

Not sure if it resulted in the league being played off any earlier. Also not sure if they will repeat this format in 2019


HT in afl1 final Vincents 0-9, boden 3-1


Is Connolly playing?


Vincents win 0-18 to 3-4…that’s impressive scoring for December.
Well deserved as lads kept training since SF defeat to ensure year wouldn’t be without title for hard work and younger players. As always a credit.


4 points in 60 minuets is poor from Boden


The Monaghan league seemed to end with a lot of walkovers, some teams didn’t seem overly interested at the tail end of it.


Well done to vins and all involved


Fair play and well deserved. Always difficult to keep lads going and motivated this long. Vinnys always up near the top each year


Six senior trophies in six years. Impressive enough stuff.


Mossy Quinn scoring 10 pts last night (7f). He is one serious footballer, he’s just completed his 18th season with Vinnies, and still looks unfinished.


Fair dues to Vins. They finished top of the league so fully deserved.


Jim might take a look at him


Haha… If you listen to the Marino apologist here, no Vinnies man will play for Jim Gavin!

Mossy is a brilliant club forward, but always struggled for the county team. I often wish we had less fellas involved with the county team, it’s killing us.


On County v Club it was mentioned in conversation earlier that just 5 of the All Ireland starting XV from 2018 had Senior County Championship medals when starting a county final.


Where do the pair of you meet for your Christmas drink, Kavanagh’s or the Autobahn ?:joy: