Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


FInal fixed for Wednesday week at 8 p.m. in St. Margaret’s.

That’s some way to denigrate the Second most important football competition in the county.


Is it the Senior football or hurling championship that drops to third place?


I have edited my post to reflect your pendant’s obsession with words :wink:.

The basic point remains the same.


Is it Wednesday week, 8pm or St Margaret’s that is your problem?


Here’s Smithers


All of the above.


It would have been very easy to schedule the AFL1 play off games in Parnell Park back in August or September but the clubs involved decided to avail of the rule that allows them to have their inter county players available for the last two league rounds and playoff games. And that is their right as the rules are currently set up.
In addition to that at least one team in the play offs had players involved in either County or Provincial club senior hurling or football championship on every weekend from September 9th to December 9th inclusive so the league games could not be scheduled within that period.
As for the midweek game that is the players preference (agreed date) to allow them To enjoy whatever Christmas festivities that may take place on the weekend of the 14/15/16 th of December and the venue is because the teams pefer not to play on Astro surfaces. unfortunately Parnell Pk is not available due to another event.


You can’t be doing logic and rationale here @Boarddelegate1


But no problem putting u21b and c hurling on the astro


Could have been fixed for the Parnell on the Tuesday or Thursday.

Maybe the inter county manager could have been prevailed upon to let players actually play for their clubs?

Funny hearing rules being quoted when inter county managers flout them at every hand’s turn. Maybe the rules regarding inter county players’ availability to their clubs could actually be enforced?

That’s the thing with the GAA. There’s almost always an excuse for everything.


Yeah that’s gonna happen.

So basically your moan is that it’s Wednesday night rather and Tuesday or Thursday and that you have to travel a few miles rather than have it in your backyard. Boden fans have had to travel to Parnell consistently all winter - haven’t seen them moaning at all - about Margaret’s either.


It’s the second most important competition for adult football. There’s a final. It should be in the county ground. You don’t agree. That’s fine.


A simple solution to this is to tweek the rule. Instead of clubs having to have their players for the last 2 rounds of league games, make it so they will have them for at least two rounds (any 2 rounds). Let the county manager decide at the start of the season which two rounds they will be based on the IC calendar. 2 points in the league are worth the same in March as they are in December.
Not a long term solution, but a quick fix for the current problem.


yep should be in parnell pk, even a decent ground like abbotstown or something.


Read what Was written. The teams agreed amongst themselves to play on Wednesday because that best suited their players work and domestic arrangements, therefore Tuesday and Thursday were not an option. If the game was fixed for PP on Wednesday it would have been at the expense of the Coiste Na nOg AGM which is scheduled for that night. That would have upset you too! In any event PP needs time to recover after its busy spell and the wet weather. In fact it is seldom that the AFL1 final is played in PP because of the time of year that it is played.
With reference to your constant criticism of the County Manager, in this case the schedule of Leinster Championship, Super8 games and All Ireland semifinals and Final along with the ten day rule (17 days for an All Ireland final) meant that players did not have to be released by the County Manager (under that rule) since last June. Players were actually released at different times just not for the final 2 rounds of the league which were in the run up to the All Ireland final hence the problem.
The suggestion from Rico is one worth considering, it’s either that or doing away with the rule all together with the way the inter county fixture schedule is going next year.


Something inherently wrong when the debate is about which 2 league games out of 15, a club can have “their” players.

Might be better to asses why IC Game now has absolute primacy over club game in eyes of power that be.


Yeah. It’s a great association for the club player alright. And only getting better :no_mouth:


And why no one seems to care. There’s an elite now at national committee level that sees itself as different to the rest of us. They’ve forgotten where they came from. And they’re destroying the GAA as we knew it.


I agree completely. I’d be the first to say that the vast majority of inter county managers should be told to go fcuk themselves and take their training plans and demanded commitment levels with them.

But in the absence of that, the above seems a quick fix.


What I wouldn’t give. Pipe dream unfortunately.