Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Why? What did he do to you?


Was training the weekend before with footballers


Wasn’t there Sunday morning. Not sure where he was or why he wasn’t playing.


Crazy stuff.


Is that same Lowry chap who scored 1-6 for St Aidans during the week? Just read match report in herald. Is that Sean Lambe son of Robbie? He played a couple league games for Dublin in early 90s.


Lowry yes. Sean Lambe no. He’s a nephew of Tony Lambe.


Other semi final fixed for Dec 13th in Kiltipper, final fixed for Dec 18th in Russell Park


Final the week before Christmas. You’ve got to laugh .


Should have had it in the Russell Court …


It’s beggars belief. Start earlier, cup’s put on a back burner, all Ireland finished earlier, and lads are still playing a week before Christmas… unbelievable!


If the B competition comes to pass there will be thirty more championship games across football and hurling in 2019 compared to 2016. All in the name of creating MORE time for club competitions.

Lions led by donkeys is the phrase.


Peno shoot out in Harcourt street there wouldn’t be many objections. 18th of December FFS shambols.


And don’t stop for last two rounds of league fixtures in August.


And a four game (minimum) developmental Under 20 football inter county league in May for All Counties to complete in followed by championship in June and July.

is there any point in having Club leagues???


get AIG to sponsor AFL1, certainly wouldn’t be a Dec final then


Kilmacud vs Ballyboden goes ahead today 3pm in Pairc De Burca.


Ballyboden 1-16 Kilmacud Crokes 1-10 final score


Did crokes field a weaker team?


Obviously yes as they lost.


None of the 15 starters against Portlaois played but it was still a competitive team for most of the match. Boden had a purple patch that won them the match with some excellent scores.