Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


does it in game as well. Makes himself and the likes of Keith Tighe stand out as far as refs go. Seamus Farrelly is another one in that bracket


Wasn’t a peno, plenty of calls from Davis lads but Only really cause they needed a goal and that would be a reaction from any team at the moment but was soon forgotten about, Davis had plenty of chances to score goals in first half, over all very good game considering conditions, some very hard hits went in throughout, boden just about deserved it. Best of luck to cuala in the semis, overall they deserve it having beat davis and plunketts in the league


Probably fair when you put it like that.

I see their semi final vs Vincents is down for Sunday morning now.


Will KC hold up the whole league now


Surely, KC should just give walkover to Jude’s or vice versa or KC field intermediate team for it. Result makes no odds either way as Kilmacud finish 2nd having beaten boden in league.
Jude’s vs KC should have been fixed for this coming weekend at worst case.
This then allows DCB to fit in afl1 semi final versus boden 2 weeks later. Decision then for KC on what team they field in midst of Leinster campaign.


Crokes no intention of holding up anything


Has Judes/Crokes game been moved?


Vincent’s beat Cuala by around 5.Think score was 5-6 to 1-13. Mossy got a hat trick. Fennel,Carthy and a Cuala got straight red cards near the end.


5.7 to 1.13. Disappointed with the officiating. I’d say both sides were.

I thought one of the Vincent’s was a second yellow.


Agree ref was poor both sides. Interesting to see Gavin Burke and Shane Carthy playing in half back line. Who was the no 4 for Vincents? He deserved that goal at the end. The young lad that came on as sub at end and scored 1-1 took goal well after keeper messed up kick out.


4 was Sean Lambe. Serious talent. The sub was Lowry. I’ve totally blanked his first name. Another serious talent. Did a job on Na Fianna in the league in the same way and got us a point from a game we deserved to lose.

There was a lot of heavy hitting by both sides that went unpunished and that led to whatever happened at the end. It didn’t look that bad from where I was but certainly the ref should have been dishing out cards long before then. It might have calmed things down.


Sean Lowry


Is Sean lambe Tony lambes son?




Willie Lowry was a handy player a few years back for Vins and DCU. Is he still playing?


Dublin Minor in 03 that lost in final, ye was a class player , wasn’t really the same after he broke his leg


Yeah all that rings a bell alright. Played against him a few times, never got much change off him at all


Looks like we’re going to be waiting for the final. Boden/Crokes game won’t be fixed until after the Leinster hurling final at a minimum by the looks of it. Likely after Christmas at this stage.


No Connolly playing Sunday?