Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


You can’t win …


Just to clarify match tonight is in St Annes Bohernabreena and not St Annes Park as up on Hill 16


Also showing as St Anne’s Park on Dublin GAA!


Definitely not out in St Annes Park


Makes no sense - you’d think they’d be a bit more careful on their own website.


Hope the ref goes to the right place! :grinning:


Fixed now. Well done Ressers! :wink:


Anyone know the score with boden and tds?


Only started at 8.30… prob not over




Boden won by 1.


So it’s


Thomas Davis missed two sitters in the first half . Think Des Farrell and Colin Moran inThurles .
Harder not to put in the net !Stonewall penalty not given in last minute to TD. How that foot block was not punished is puzzling .


Who was the ref?


No peno foot block was between 21 and 13 metre line should defo be a free in best team won


Good game considering the strong wind. TD didn’t capitalise or gain any advantage playing with it in the 1st half. Like stated above if the 2 goals went in it might have been different. TD kept Boden in it in the 1st half with persistent fouling.

Ryan Basquel kicked a beauty of the ground 35 meters out against the wind in the 1st half.

Waters had a fine game for Boden as did Fallon and Carruth for TD in difficult conditions.


Marys Man?


On the defo penalty, a foot block is when the ball strikes the defending player within the radius of the striking players foot. Firstly he was outside that radius and secondly it hit his leg. Some complaints from TD players but that didn’t last long. And at most it was a free if I deemed it a foot block which I didn’t.


Defo not a peno from where I was anyway.


Will you stop giving facts and answering questions on here before you know it people will think refs are human beings too.
Jokes a side fair play to you always available to give an honest answer with no agenda great to see.