Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Oops yer right… Cuala in semi final…The rest of my point stands


Dead right , they’ve a lot of young lads who would prefer to win a senior b and get some experience ( and have a good session) then maybe get to quarter finals and maybe get lucky , there young and will be around for a number of years so one year won’t make the difference and there better off for it


Spoke to Davis’ man re that… they really do think differently to a lot of clubs… he says they defo prefare to be in an A championship semi or 1/4 final rather than win a B champ… he reckons they teach the players that all the way up from U15s. …They don’t win much but in fairness I admire it to a degree rather than win easy juvenile championships in lower grades . Again Cuala think same re senior.


League has nothing to do with championship. Based on the previous five years of championship it was by no means a ridiculous decision.


I’ve huge time for TD and a lot of people out there but they went OTT on this one. At least now they’ve earned their place and their players have had a very good year in league and championship. You’d expect that to stand to them.


Alan. They fought hard for what they truly believed in. I don’t understand why you keep belittling them for trying to stand up for there club It’s what the Gaa is all about… sometimes the board is not right alan. And I know I’ll be abused if I bring up Cuala again but it’s wrong


Alan’s modus op is to abuse other club’s actions and behaviour, while at times, defending his own club’s “difficulties” to the nth degree. You’ll get used to it.

He ignores me mostly now for pointing this out. It’s a much easier life really, knowing I have his number and him keeping quiet.

By the way, you will notice, I defend my club when it’s needed. But I don’t jump to attack all other clubs. I offer them the respect that most, if not all, GAA volunteers deserve!

My MO is “walk a mile in another club’s shoes!”


I’m not belittling them. I’m simply saying they could have appealed and then accepted that the vast majority of clubs had decided that the way things were going to be done was the way things were going to be done. They went well beyond that unfortunately.


Sure you’re a great man altogether Cathal. The GAA would never survive without you :wink:


Who is Cathal? I’ve asked you already! You still won’t answer.


Current AFL placings have a lot more relevance than say championships results from 4 - 5 years ago. Anyone arguing against that has an agenda.



Fair enough so. I’ll leave it there.


It’s irrelevant tbh as clubs have no access to their county players bar 2 league games…ballymun for example would surely be further up the league table had they their full panel to pick from…


Didn’t Maurs make the AFL1 final last year. How did that work out for them in the B championship this year? League and championship form are chalk and cheese.


Current AFL placings are a lot more relevant than championships results from 4 and 5 years ago. Put like this , no team will make a dent in the A championship from div 2 and in one case div 3.


Raheny with a full team would be a close game with mose teams in d1


It is, and has been for a long time, Association policy that team’s status ( and an individual’s playing status) is defined by the Championship that they play in.
Leagues, in GAA terms, are competitions that teams play in between championship matches.

The mistake DCB made was not telling certain clubs six years ago that their championship performance over the following five years would determine whether they played in SFC1 or 2 in 2018. Had those clubs been told they might have tried to win some championship games in those years.


The Sarcasm is palpable . Parnells or Cuala . At least one will turn up


Brigids 8 or 9 up . Slys are desperate . Worst slys team I have seen . They will struggle big time in div 2 if this is anything to go by . Cant believe how poor they are


Brigids win by 11 or 12 .