Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


CCC should fix the game for Sancta Maria insist it be played. That’s nonsense.


Semi final fixed for the 18th so no issues there


TD made the request for the game not to be played this weekend due to some event on- they made it near the start of the season- game was fixed for this weekend which is typical in its own right. So I am told.


Match was fixed for Annes pitch but Boden changed to Marys so 21 hurlers could train in Annes instead


What odds does it make if it’s put back to next Tuesday. It isn’t affecting anyone…


Well you have a Cuala team who don’t know if they are in a semi final or not . That would have been answered by now if the game had of gone ahead


Well it won’t kill them to wait one more week will it!


Trying telling that to Con or any other dual player from Cuala who probably hasn’t had a break in a few years


This needs a break shite does me head in. Players will be retired long enough! Used to drive me mad the time having to wait for matches or in between seasons. Would have played every day if I could have


The game shouldnt of been fixed for Sunday however the fact it was means the league is only running 2 days late not a week…


So what had Td to do to prove they were right to appeal the decision to relegate them with a stroke of a pen and not on the field of play.
Their were many posters on here with snide remarks saying if they are good enough they will win the B championship. They done that and a lot more, they won all their matches and by an average of 13 points per match and are currently 4th in div 1.
If that does not justify their decision to appeal, what the hell does?
Cuala who were also relegated by a totally flawed system are doomed to another year in a nothing championship. They had four footballers on the county football panel and numerous other players with underage county experience.
There were numerous fairer ways that the county board could have structured a B championship, but they chose to go with a blunt instrument.
Cuala seemingly are currently putting together an appeal to revisit the whole championship sturture again. So this saga is destined to continue.


Honestly shut up calling it a “nothing” championship , if it’s a nothing championship and cuala have all these players how come they can’t win it then ? They don’t deserve to be in the A so there not “doomed” the disrespect some people on here have shown the players playing in the B championship is crazy , these lads are a grade away from playing at he highest level of championship in Dublin and most of youse slating the b championship have probably never got near a standard like this😂


I get that you think that TD should never have been relegated, based on the quality they are currently showing. They are clearly in the top 16 teams in the county.
However, TD voted for this (along with everyone else). Their champo results over a 5 year period were not in the top 16 in the county. The line had to be drawn somewhere…and so it was!

Now, onto the people that matter, those TD Senior Footballers. These men have reacted in the very best way (I assume they were aggrieved at the decision also). They went out on the field and proved it (by 13 pts a game).

Now lets look at the two alternate universes that would likely have happened and try to put ourselves in the mind of those players, in terms of which they would prefer and which will live in thier collective memories

  • Play in the B Champo, blitz the competition and hoist the trophy in your club on players night (jaegers all round) and use the momentum gained to drive the club forward into the next season.
  • Play in the A Champo, maybe get the odd decent result and bow out in the quarter or semi final (at best) like every other year…not many memories created there.

Anyway, Congrats to the TD squad & mgmt on a great season, and best of luck in the future.


The clubs, including Thomas Davis, voted for the new structure. And the CCC then had to come up with a formula to divide the teams. The vast majority of clubs accepted this. TD didn’t and while they had a right of appeal they went way beyond that to prove their point instead of just doing as they did do in the end and proving it on the field. They’re in the A next year. Good luck to them. They’ll need it if they get a tough draw!


All well and good, but the bottom fell out of the CCC decision when Parnells elected out of the A championship. Whilst I agree the A championship needed to be reduced to 16 teams ( too many teams were cannon fodder ) leaving probably the weakest team in it made the selection criteria a farce.


Blitzing every team in the B ( aprt from Cuala who dished out hidings to everyone else they played ) reinforces TD’s core argument. Ridiculous decision to demote them ( and Cuala ) to the B. Both could do well in the A. League placings would have served better.


I still would


2017 Brigids 0-14 TD 1-8
2016 Skerries 1-12 TD 1-11
2015 Na Fianna 0-16 TD 1-9
2014 St Anne’s 1-14 TD 1-10
2013 Brigids 5-16 TD 0-17

Two championship wins over the 5 years; Clontarf and Trinity Gaels.

It wouldn’t have been fair using league positions with some clubs missing up to half of their first team for the majority of it. It’s nice to win and stick on the CV but if you’re trying to use AFL1 standings as a barometer to how strong sides will be in champo you’re miles off. Between Vins and Mun they’ve one AFL1 title between them in the last 7 years when they’ve been far and away the best two sides in the county.


Really can’t understand the complaining from some thomas davis members, especially considering the above results. Their players did what needed to be done on the pitch, and they’re back where they feel they should belong. I hear they really enjoyed the celebrations too, which would never happened if they had been in the A champ from the start!
They’ve also just won a championship, beating cuala in the final, which will give their young squad a big boost going forward…
I actually believe it was a blessing in disguise for them


They didn’t play cuala in the final do some research :joy: