Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Or it could be Cuala as the ruling says where team tied on points then score difference will be deciding factor.
The confusion is that it does clearly state that this is in a mini league but I believe that is it intension. Maybe🤔


Clearly stated scoring difference. It’s not rocket science either .


100%, it is clearly written and there is no ambiguity that score difference is what matters and that “Won-Loss-Draw” result is irrelevant.

Which is utter nonsense. I don’t know whether it was deliberately written in this stupid way, or whether somebody just made a mistake when writing it and forgot to put in that points won in matches should be the first determination prior to points difference.

But hopefully Thomas Davis can beat Boden to really show how farcical is it. Then we’ll have Davis, Cuala and Oliver Plunketts all level on points, but only one team can make the league playoffs. So we look at results between the teams:

Thomas Davis beat OPER
Cuala beat OPER
Cuala beat Thomas Davis

Yet, under our “not rocket science” rules, it’ll be Thomas Davis who progress and not Cuala!! (Cuala won both their games by 3 points, TD beat OPER by 10).

There can surely be nobody who thinks that points difference should be more important than matches won!


Its the county board…Of course its stupid. Its the same county board that have TD and Cuala in the B championship this year. Fairly ironic that they are both in the chase for D1 semis.


yeah and both teams were so good over the past 5 years champo they were out in the correct place.

Davis have now a senior B win under their belt and plenty of young players blooded for the bigger challenge of senior A. let Cuala win their way up if good enough


The debate here is the silly rule to decide play off spots. The B Championship has turned out to be a very good competition as demonstrated by the commitment of all teams to win it.


TD v Boden is off tonight
Refixed for next Tuesday


Why ?


Mary’s pitch isn’t playable.


Do Boden have many dual players?


Farcical . Both clubs have all weather floodlit pitches . County board should tell them to get it played


Why is it on Mary’s pitch? That’s totally ridiculous. Based on forecast for the week it may not be playable next Tuesday either.


TD don’t have a problem playing on all weather.


Has the all weather been maintained in the last year?


They’ve cut the grass a few times.


Was talks of work getting done to it not sure if work was done or not tho


Maintainance work carried out on TD All Weather pitch only a couple of weeks ago

Boden would have 3-4 dual players max but I am imagining they are concentrating solely on hurling at the moment.


Good to hear!


And who does the repair work on your floodlit all weather pitch !


I’ve no idea .presume as boden are the home team they wanted to play on grass. But if one of the clubs have a pitch deemed playable the game should go ahead .
I’m presuming this is holding the semi finals up by another week .