Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


True but I think castleknock and Olaf’s could struggle , think Olaf’s might end up like clontarf and finish around the middle of the pack next year


Kevin Bonner has been looking after team since their last Champo game.


Read a few weeks ago Barr is taking over next season.


Heard that too. Not the cheapest option.
Good to see Keith bringing his knowledge to his childhood club :thinking:


Heard he is bringing brother Johnny for shooting practice. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Keith has been involved with Brigids a long time now. His kids have played there all the way up.


Jason won’t come cheap


Kevin has been looking after the team since after castleknock championship game in April . Keith barr was asked in May to take over . Really don’t know what delay was or is but Kevin left with it for last 6 months . Very poor from all concerned in club and this is the consequences unfortunately


Vincents bear ballinteer by 4 tonight.


Maurs giving a walkover to Cuala makes abit of a farce for teams chasing top 4, hands Cuala a good advantage. Having to travel from Dalkey to Rush isnt easy and would of been seen as a good chance for Maurs but understand why they done it I suppose. Jason isn’t cheap id say, think he done abit with TD this year


bit of a farce for a division one team in general, if you want to play at that standard shouldn’t be giving walkovers, see things like this coming up in the lower divisions and people giving out about it, for Dublin’s top division to be doing it at all is a bit of a joke


League structure needs to change . Play league Feb to july . Have final 2nd week of July . Start championship first week of sept . U will always have this as it’s nearly November and teams have stopped training once nothing to play for


It would be hard to get the league run off between Feb and July with hurling fitted in there as well unless you have midweek matches from May on I suppose. No reason for inter county players to not play a heap of matches at the start of the league


Far from ideal, but they’ve 8 starters away or injured, 2nd team don’t have the players to even bump the squad up, and the few hurlers that play are being kept for Leinster Q-Final following week. It would have really been one way traffic if it was to go ahead!


Plunketts beat Olaf’s today.
Olaf’s now go down with castleknock and the loser of Sylvester’s/brigids playoff will join them.


Castleknock gave Kilmacud Crokes a walkover.


Cuala 6-18 Naomh Olaf 2-6


If TD win in last game vs Ballyboden there will be 3 teams tied on 17 points for last playoff spot (TD, Cuala OPER) what decides the placing here is it Score Difference or Head to Head. I know this question has been asked before on other threads so apologies in advance.


Points difference in games against one another. Think that puts Cuala in driving seat


TD need to beat boden by 2 or more points to finish 4th