Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2018


Youse can just play your homegrown lads, give them a runout :wink:


Handy one for Kickhams… gets them out of the relegation zone


We’re not in the relegation zone.


You can’t expect Ballymun and the rest of the league to wait. Regardless of what happens in the final there’ll never been an ideal time to play these last couple of league games. It’s a shame it isn’t rattled off before the championship final each year.


Good chance for there home grown lads to get a bit of expierience


Is Judes Ballymun on in Tymon today?


Think so. I’m out here at a juvenile game and a lad I was talking to said it was on at 4.30.


Mun won 5-25 to 1-5!


I think Judes played their inter team. Some fielding from Davy Byrne.


Some of the team I saw warming up as I was leaving the juvenile game didn’t even look to be that! Hard to blame them if that’s how they feel about it but I can’t understand wrapping fellas in cotton wool either.


Large number of inter subs playing together with some key inter players


Was wondering ,surprise to see one or two lads playing senior. Unfair for Judes having play this game a week before a county final.


Probably fitted in well for inter final preps but meant we wrote league off for the BH ok corral…


Mun 2.10 Brigid’s 2.6


Mun and ballinteer now safe with that result.

2 from brigids, Olaf’s and Sylvester’s to go down.


Is there a real worry that if Brigids go down they won’t come back up?


Division 2 will seriously be competitive next year , no guarantee any of the relegated teams will come back up straight away


I think any of those teams would fancy their chances. Still a big gap between 1 & 2


Ballymun were missing John Small & Comerford, all else played, Brigid’s missing Paddy Andrews.
If it wasn’t for Comerford’s replacement, Sean Currie, Brigids could have had 3 goals in the first 20 mins; pulled off 3 blinding saves. But on the other hand, had a clanger for one of the goals Brigid’s did get. Mun created two goal chances and scored both, a cracker from Deano the first one.

Mun shot out to an early lead of 1-5 to 0-0. Brigid’s fought an uphill battle from their, but gave it a good lash. Brigid’s “all behind the ball” tactic in first half didn’t really pay-off as they went in 1-6 to 1-1 down at HT.

After HT, Mun stretched to 2-7 to 1-1, but as soon as they got that 2nd goal, Brigids replied almost immediately. The last 15 mins ended up with Brigids pushing on and finishing on the up slightly. Final score 2-10 to 2-6


who’s looking after brigids these days? heard rumour that Keith Barr & Jason Ryan to take over any truth in this?